Real Life

Flexible Vegan

Whenever someone catches me eating cheese, I call myself a "flexible vegan." Let's pretend I chose this faction on purpose. Let's pretend the label fits and never chafes against purists' expectations. Let's pretend I am immune to guilt. Giving up meat was easy. The rest has been harder. * Friday night dinners with my partner… Continue reading Flexible Vegan


The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag

Sad story: I found a lump of leftover mozzarella in my fridge. That's not the sad part. I could have SWORN I'd used all the mozzarella earlier in the week. Elated, I set about making a cheese sandwich. I reached for the bag of mozzarella. My fingers closed around a hard-edged lump. It was an… Continue reading The Cheesy Goodness Book Tag


The perfect wedding playlist

What one person has on their playlist might not appeal to everyone. I'll take my chances.