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Flexible Vegan

Whenever someone catches me eating cheese, I call myself a “flexible vegan.”

Let’s pretend I chose this faction on purpose.

Let’s pretend the label fits and never chafes against purists’ expectations.

Let’s pretend I am immune to guilt.

Giving up meat was easy. The rest has been harder.

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Top Five Best (and Worst) Christmas Songs

It’s the holiday season…whoop-de-doo.

No, seriously, that song has been in my head for the last two months.

My workplace has been blasting Christmas music since the beginning of November, and for two months I’ve tried not to turn into a grump who despises Christmas music. I’ve mostly succeeded.

Listening to Christmas music so often made me realize that there are a lot of Christmas songs I could live without and some I never get tired of. Aside from all the chocolate and trinkets I bought to get myself through a nine day holiday workweek, this is a gift to myself: a top ten list of my favorite and least favorite Christmas music. Hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Top Five Best (and Worst) Christmas Songs”

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The perfect wedding playlist

So I’m single. There isn’t a wedding in my near future. But I’m at the age where it’s normal for my friends to get married/engaged/pregnant now, which continues to freak me out. When I’m not panicking about my friends’ weddings, I think a lot about my future wedding, my hopefully-cool-with-paying-for-a-DJ future husband, and all the music that will play during the reception. Music is a big part of my life, so it makes sense that it should be a part of my big day.  Whenever I talk about my future wedding, music is usually what I focus on, i.e. “This song will TOTALLY play at my wedding!”

I saw this list on the internet and hated it. The mature thing would be to say that people have different tastes and what one person has on their playlist might not appeal to everyone.

I’m not that mature. Some of the songs on that list are duuuuuumb (e.g., “Banana Pancakes.”) So I compiled my own list. My future wedding is now basically halfway planned. YOU’RE WELCOME, INTERNET. Continue reading “The perfect wedding playlist”