The Lover Book Tag: Round 1

All right, y’all.

The book bloggers have created a GLUT of book tags based on Taylor Swift’s Lover.

Doing another one after my Lover Book Rec Post wouldn’t be overkill…would it?


The one Hâf did on The Library Looter (as created by Vicky) is my favorite so far.

Good on you both.


I Forgot That You Existed

A book on your TBR that you’d completely forgotten about

I keep forgetting about The Witches Are Coming.

The Witches Are Coming

I also keep meaning to read Shrill.

Or, at the very least, watch the Hulu series.



Cruel Summer

A perfect summer read

From the Files of Madison Finn #13: Sink or Swim can’t be beat.

I used to read this book every. Single. Summer.

Sink or Swim

(To Have and To Hold also takes place in the summer, but that one is FAR too long.)

(ALSO…a Google search just revealed the publisher redid the iconic collage covers??? WHY???)



Your favorite book/series

My friend Staci is rereading The Lunar Chronicles right now and I am SUPER JEALOUS, as I am 12 books deep and nowhere near reread territory.


For this tag, I’m going to call The Lunar Chronicles my favorite series because it’s so fun and contains all of my favorite tropes.


The Man

An amazing female character

I love Belinda Blumenthal.

She gets what she wants, making deals and friends all over the world.

Belinda Blinked 4

Belinda Blinked 5 just came out and I am NOT READY.


The Archer

A book from your childhood because you never grew up

I am fairly certain I played with this exact Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Sticker Book on a flight to Florida in 2001.

Dragon Ball Z

I learned a LOT about Dragon Ball Z.

I used to learn everything I could about popular animated shows to make up for not having cable.

Despite all my hard work, my popularity did not increase.

This could be why I have issues with fandom.


I Think He Knows

A book everyone knows you love!

Let me redirect you to my introductory post.


Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince

A book that makes you so sad, you could paint the town blue

Tell the Wolves I’m Home launches the reader into the Bad Old Days of homophobia and AIDS panic.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

The characters’ grief and conflict is HEARTWRENCHING.

Without spoiling much, the protagonist grieves the loss of her first love and unintentionally causes the death of her second.



Paper Rings

Your favorite OTP

I’m (still) rereading The Raven Cycle.

dream thieves

I’m picking up on the Pynch shipping this time and I really like it.

Stiefvater did a great job setting it up.


Cornelia Street

A book that lived up to the hype

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is beautifully written and fascinating for a lifelong Washingtonian to read.

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Grunge history is the best.


Death by a Thousand Cuts

A book that saying goodbye to is death by a thousand cuts,

so you just have to re-read it again

Guess it’s time to pull out How to Be Alone again.


I LOVE Lane Moore.

I kind of want us to be best friends/roommates.

Would it help if I rescued a chihuahua?


London Boy

A book based in London

The American film Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Australian actress Isla Fisher and British actor Hugh Dancy, was based off of a British novel of the same name..that I read…and somewhat regret.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I have complicated feelings about “chick lit.”

I don’t like the way people (myself included) have disdained rom-coms written by women.

I also don’t especially enjoy books like this one.

Or maybe I don’t seek them out enough or give them enough credit.


So, uhhhh, BONUS BOOK:

From Hell by Alan Moore ALSO takes place in London!

From Hell

I wouldn’t watch the film adaptation in this case…

Look at the cast list and you’ll know why.


Soon You’ll Get Better

A book that brightens your sky

I first thought of Someday, Someday, Maybe.


Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I reach for this book.


False God

A book that you could reread over again because it still does it for you, babe

I love The Best Party of Our Lives.


It makes me really happy to read about complicated love stories and beautiful ceremonies.

If Sarah Galvin wrote a follow-up, I would want to be included.


You Need to Calm Down

An LGBTQ+ book that you’d GLAADly recommend

Allow me to recommend We Are Never Meeting in Real Life for its devastating essay about Sam’s cat Helen.

Never Meeting Real Life

It’s like a more comedy-heavy How to Be Alone, but with wedding essays (MY FAVORITE) and the death of a pet (…be prepared.)



It’s Not the Book, It’s Me (a book that wasn’t for you)

As you well know, I LOOOVE Nina La Cour’s books.

I put off reading We Are Okay because I couldn’t tell what the book was about.

We Are Okay

Grief? Depression? Love? Friendship? I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The book won numerous awards, garnered tons of praise from readers and reviewers, and fought its way onto LGBTQIA+ booklists.

I finally made time for We Are Okay during Pride Month, and…

…I didn’t really like it.

This book took several bummer turns.

I was disappointed by the romance.

Overall, I just felt sad and confused.



A character you relate to

This answer is a bit of a cheat.

I really liked Stephen King’s Misery, but I didn’t connect to it.

The FILM, however…

Annie Wilkes




It’s Nice to Have a Friend

A character you’d love to be friends with

Another cheat:

Summer Brennan is a real person, not a character, who I’d like to befriend.

high heel

I’m afraid she’s too cool for me? I don’t know.

Summer, be my friend.

No pressure.

Maybe we could hang out sometime?

If you want.

We don’t have to.

It’s fine.



A book you weren’t sure of at first but turned out to be amazing!

I took a chance on a “literary genius.”

After almost DNFing it, I finished Conversations With Friends.

Conversations with Friends

I now recommend it all the time, only partly to look sophisticated.



Favorite Taylor Swift album

It’s a toss-up between 1989 and Lover. I like them both!


This is one of three Lover tags that I’ve seen on the internet.

Should I do them all?


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