The Summer Reader Book Tag

Hi-hi and welcome to the Babysitters Club Club.

Various bloggers did this summery tag and I wanna try.

And…it’s August.

I gotta hit these summer tags before fall swoops in.




Pick a book that started off bitter but got better

Daughter of Smoke and Bone might seem like an odd choice since I loved it so much.

I wasn’t, however, suuuuper sold on the reincarnation romance.

In truth, the romance aspect of the series is pretty weak.

And I wasn’t pleased that the connection between Akiva and Kaoru began with a lovelorn glance across the battlefield.

I almost DNFed the book when it took a flashback romance detour for almost one hundred pages.


I got into it.

Worth it.


Golden Sun

Black Hole Sun

Pick a book that made you smile beyond compare

Erotica as satire – it’s the new sensation!

The levity!



Tropical Flowers

Island in the SUn.jpg

Pick a book set in a different county

(This book took place in Mexico. I will be complaining about the story for the rest of this prompt.)

(Spoilers ahead.)

Blerg. I HATED Like Water for Chocolate.

Into the magical realism, not into Pedro.

You don’t get to excuse controlling behavior or jealousy with “passion.”

Pedro marries Tita’s sister to be close to Tita.

He spends the rest of the book acting like a victim in an impossible situation.

BRO. You have ALL the power and privilege in this situation!

Any divorce or infidelity would be way worse for YOUR WIFE.


Wait wait wait…you try to prevent Tita from moving on romantically with someone who’s ACTUALLY NICE TO HER??

Your Death by Sex was WELL-DESERVED.


Tree Shade


Pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced

Malcolm Mercer seems…suspect.

Apparently, his physical description was based on Oscar Isaac.

I didn’t get Oscar vibes, probably because he seems nice and Malcolm…isn’t.


Beach Sand


Pick a book that was grainy and the plot barely developed

Dead Queens Club had a great opening chapter and a decent last chapter.

If only the middle had made sense.


Green Grass

Green Grass.jpg

Pick a character that was full of life, making you smile

All Out included a story about an ace POC living in the disco era.

She loves Lizzie Bennet and Darcy for their courtly, words-only romance.

Kissing makes her laugh, you know.

I am so proud of her for being honest about her needs.




Pick a book that had some juicy secrets

The family in Emma in the Night has all kinds of issues.

And Cass allegedly stayed with a couple that had their own secrets.

Everyone is hiding something and I need to know what.


Sun hat

Sun Hat

Pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting

There are SO MANY LONDONS in A Darker Shade of Magic.


The worlds are so different and, so far, confusing.



BBQ Song

Pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk

Dumplin‘s love interest Bo was described with a perpetually red mouth from sucking on cherry lollipops.

I didn’t find him appealing.

I’m not into downhome jocks.


Summer fun

Pass the tag on

Consider this an open invitation.

As a bonus – share some of your favorite summer songs.

I like “Fireball” by Pitbull feat. John Ryan.

Your turn.

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