Summer Sweatalong Book Tag

Oh, summer is over, is it?

….I’m still doing this tag.

The start of September made me a bit nostalgic.

To keep things fresh, I chose books from the distant past.

…by distant, I meant from the last 10-20 years.


(SPOILERS ahead.)


My favorite season and why I like it

I’m gladly welcoming the (eventual) return of autumn.

autumn autumn colours brown countryside

I love sweater weather, rain, and hot drinks.


Don’t Stop

A book you couldn’t stop reading

I loooooooved R. L. Stine’s Who Killed the Homecoming Queen? for its pure awfulness.

Who killed the homecoming queen.jpg

Not only does the queen NOT DIE, but the book isn’t even from her point of view!

I had to picture the creepy theater kid as a goth guy to get through it.

This book is the worst. Please read it.


You’re a Cheetah

A book you read in JUST one day

Reading a middle-grade book in a day isn’t too impressive.

This feat was more remarkable when I was young.

White Wolf.jpg

White Wolf used to be one of my favorite books.

I would still recommend it today.

The story is told from the wolf’s point of view, which I loved.

This book kicked off my third-grade wolf obsession.

I KNEW my desire to sponsor a wolf came from somewhere!


Couldn’t Let Go

A book you reread straight away

I read Benny Bensky and the Perogy Palace more than a couple times.

Benny Bensky.jpg

It’s a really fun, light mystery about a dog! AND POLISH FOOD!


Calm It Down!

A book that got your heart racing

Bruce Coville’s Ghost Stories series was STRESSFUL.

The Ghost Wore Gray.jpg

In The Ghost Wore Gray, the protagonist uncovers several dead bodies in a seemingly-innocuous painting.

The ghost in this volume is particularly malevolent.

This is a hard read.


Second best

A sequel you read faster than the first

Even though I didn’t like the 1-800-WHERE-R-U series much, I loved Safe House, the third book in the series.

Safe House

In Safe House, a murdered cheerleader’s boyfriend tries to help Jess with the investigation.

I developed a huuuuuuge crush on him.

He was a hot, secretly sensitive jock in dark jeans! THAT’S MY TYPE.

Oh, I forgot to mention he turned out to be the killer.

And thus began my habit of sympathizing with the villain…whether or not they deserved it.


Books on fire!

A series you read straight through

I read the Three Girls in the City series SO FAST.

Three Girls in the City

I snapped up all the edgy tween literature published in the 2000s.

I fantasized sometimes about Big City Living.

Wait, there are four books in the series? I don’t think I ever read the last one.



Midnight Madness

A book that kept you up late

I’m almost positive I stayed up late reading Winnie the Horse Gentler.

Winnie the Horse Gentler.jpg

I needed to know if she’d ever tame Knickers and best that bratty Summer Spidell!


DID I read them all??

There are so many series I have to revisit.


All right. It’s over.

Goodbye, summer.

I’m going to spend my fall rereading middle-grade literature.

OR I could read the 12 books I’m in the middle of right now.

The possibilities are endless.

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