Summer Lovin’ Book Tag

I resurrected some very old summer book tags.

This first one is called the Summer Lovin’ Book Tag, found on Super Bookworm.

Surprisingly, this tag has nothing to do with Grease.


Start of Summer

Pick a book with an attention-grabbing first line

Gay 2

I didn’t care for The Miseducation of Cameron Post, but you can’t beat the first line:

The afternoon my parents died, I was out shoplifting with Irene Klauson.

Oh…all right!

I started this book in the middle of a Presbyterian church in the U-District at a friend’s concert.

I ripped through 50 pages before the concert started.

Then the plot slowed to a steady meander and I lost interest.


Too hot to go out

Pick a book for a day in

Let’s pretend I’m still a bored, grumpy teen.

What do bored, grumpy teens like?

Complaining…and fanfiction!

(Based on these requirements, I’m still a teen.)


Thus, I shall read about the wacky exploits of Scarlett Epstein.


Summer road trip

Pick a book you’d take on the road

I’m headed for Ashland Oregon this August.

Based on my itinerary, I’ll probably be in the mood for something light.

Denton Little Deathdate.jpg

Tongue-in-cheek death story it is.


Ice tea goodness

Pick a book with a cold setting

As Padme reminds us, space is cold.

So is iron.

So are hearts.

Heart of Iron.jpg

Heart of Iron sounds VERY cold.


Nasty sunburn

A book you really disliked (so far) this year

This isn’t COMPLETELY fair, because I didn’t finish this book, but I didn’t care for Bone Gap.

Bone Gap.jpg

It was real folksy, which didn’t match the descriptions I’d gotten from other bloggers.

I have certain expectations for “whimsical” magical realism stories. With the darker turn, I wanted more Summer of Salt than Grapes of Wrath.

No such luck for me.


Sizzling Summer read

Recommend one of your favorite books (this year)

You’ve heard me gush.

You’ve heard me squeal.

Once again: I loved Technically, You Started It and you will, too.


It’s fast.

It’s funny.

It represents a minority sexuality.

If you liked such books as

  • Alex, Approximately
  • I Can’t Tell You
  • The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You

you will love this story.

I promise.


This is the first of several summery tags.

I have more books you’ll love!

Happy summer! Wear sunscreen!

2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Book Tag”

  1. What a fun and summery tag! Haha the first line of Cameron Post SURE IS attention grabbing! All the books you chose sound so fun, and you just convinced me to add Technically You Started It to my tbr 😉


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