The Fall Bucket List Tag

I've been seduced by another fall-themed tag. It's this or Halloween tags. Those are the only options. I keep up with seasonal tags by following Kristin at Kristin Kraves Books. Will I actually bake cinnamon rolls and go apple-picking this fall? You read my Summer Bucket List Tag. I didn't do any of the activities on that… Continue reading The Fall Bucket List Tag

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Book Bucket List Tag

So many good tags this summer! I approve! SUMMER OF BOOK TAGS! Kristin shared her Book Bucket List recently. I don't like making plans, but this tag proposed fun plans instead of serious, financial plans. Into it. What book or series that intimidates you (because of length, density, or subject) would feel like an accomplishment… Continue reading Book Bucket List Tag

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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Is it the Solstice already? Should I attend the parade this year? Will I find a better use for my time? For me, summer triggers important questions like the ones above. I'm often so consumed with these questions that I forget to enjoy summer. I want to spend this summer doing summer-y things, starting with… Continue reading The Summer Bucket List Book Tag