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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Is it the Solstice already?

Should I attend the parade this year?

Will I find a better use for my time?

For me, summer triggers important questions like the ones above.

I’m often so consumed with these questions that I forget to enjoy summer.

I want to spend this summer doing summer-y things, starting with this fun tag I found on Hammock of Books.

Summer of Salt fits both the prompt and the theme.

Ugh…the bird murder…

I thought Persuasion had a PRETTY hot romance.

The yearning. THE YEARNING!

I don’t remember what the journey was FOR, but Finnikin of the Rock went on a journey of…some kind.

He went into…a fire swamp?

And Froi was there?

And the person whose non-spoiler name I can’t remember?

Maybe he had to reclaim the kingdom. I forget.

Sadie‘s interesting narrative structure disguises the importance of certain characters.

You get the sense that these characters are significant but you don’t know why.

As the book slowly revealed the answers, I was left amazed.


I screamed and screamed at the end.

Conversely, my partner BARELY REACTED. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

The Handmaid’s Tale, an amazing book, makes an even better graphic novel.

I read the graphic novel straight through.

I’d debated about buying it and eventually settled for checking it out from the library.

Buying this book would have been ABSOLUTELY worth it.

This adaptation trims some of the narrative fat and pares the story down to its barest essentials.

I loved it so much.

Damn you, Morgan Matson, and your summery love stories.

The Unexpected Everything has the CUTEST romance.

Especially unexpected: the bonus love story between Clark and his newfound friends.

I don’t want to spoil what he does for them at the end. Know that it is VERY SWEET and even more moving than the Big Damn Kiss.

Millenneagram promised to help me hate people less.

It delivered.

Other people still drive me crazy, but I understand their motivations a bit better.

Also, it was nice to read a book that championed authenticity over generic perfection.

I feel more myself every day.

I found out I am a combo of the most “real” and the most manipulative personality types.

Had a TON of fun coming to terms with THAT.

Once upon a time, Kel became the first openly female knight, surviving years of harassment and setting an example for all.


She solved her problems using only her wits and her aromantic flair.

Pictured: flair

Good. For. Her.

(This is the one activity on this list that I might skip.)


I could swear it was a Georgette Heyer, but I found no evidence of it on the internet!

In this book, and FORGIVE ME FOR THE MEMORY LAPSE, the plucky chef crafted a lovely swan out of cream, slivered almonds, and…sugared violets?


An Abundance of Katherines deserves more credit.

How did it inspire me?

Uh…friendship-wise? Romance-wise? Footnote-wise? Math-wise? Profanity-wise?

Just admire the genius cover art.

Well…that’s it. Those are my summer plans, Lord willing.

Gonna do a nice, general altar call for anyone who would like to complete the tag.

Come on down.

Happy solstice.

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