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Musical Shuffle Book Tag: Round 2

I’m back with another playlist (my first playlist can be found here.)

To refresh: I put my Spotify on shuffle and associated a book, character, or ship with each song.

Behold the results.


“Femininity” by Laura Osnes

Lara Jean from To All the Boys I Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Femininity, femininity

I wish I’d never heard of femininity

Well, love has its place, of course,

And I’d like my share,

But now and then I’d like to come up for air!


Between Peter’s “needs” and Josh’s insecurity, Lara Jean does a ton of emotional labor.

Oh, I forgot to mention she COPARENTS HER YOUNGER SIBLING.

Didn’t plan to start my morning mad at Mr. Covey, but here we are.


“Growing Pains” by Coin

Gael from The Romantics


Down on my luck

And looking for love

In all the wrong places

Going to bed

The girl in my head

What am I feeling now?


Gael vows to make his terrible rebound relationship work.

“This hippie girl seems super mean and way too into nachos. BY GEORGE, SHE IS MY TRUE LOVE.”


“Cold War” by Foreign Figures

The Bumped duology


Ask myself what I want more

Something lifeless or someone to adore

I’m overzealous

I’m so bored

Over worked up to the core

Need a tropical vacation

Not more medication

May our lives be as fabulous as gold

Like the pictures on our socials

Faking what we show


Did anyone else read this series?

It features faked pregnancies, loveless marriages, and religious fundamentalism.

You know, the basics.


“This Was a Home Once” by Bad Suns

Ramona Blue

ramona blue

And as one chapter ends another chapter begins

Now my life revolves around cliches I hated as a kid

My sister’s still young, I hate to see her face blue

Though we can’t control the rest one thing will always be true

This was a home once

Where we found our way, oh the golden days

This was a home once

Where my life begun, where life moves on


Leaving Bremerton meant accepting that my friendships wouldn’t carry over to my new life.

I think Ramona’s in the same spot.


“Tomorrow is a Latter Day” from The Book of Mormon



I am a latter day saint

Along with all my town

We always stick together come one more

We love to dance and shout

And let all the feelings out

And work to make a better latter day


Listen…this books has Mormons and feelings.

Show me a better fit.


“Someone to You” by Banners

Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone


I just wanna be somebody to someone, oh

I wanna be somebody to someone, oh

I never had nobody and no road home

I wanna be somebody to someone


Emily wants to be a fixture in her best friend Sloane’s life. (Oh, I know the feeling. VALIDATE ME.)

When Sloane disappears without a word, Emily’s self-worth crumbles, not helped by her parents falling into a creative coma and IGNORING HER ALL SUMMER.


I wrote this long enough ago that I’m itching for a round three.


Look forward to more music in the future.

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