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Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was 6 years old.

As a fan, I have opinions.

Though I love many of the show’s characters, a few of them prompt a massive eyeroll from me.

Hateful as it sounds, these are the 5 Sailor Moon characters I hate the most.

(Spoilers ahead.)


5. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

Related image

(For convenience’s sake, I’m treating these two as a unit.)

Correction: I don’t hate these characters.

Their arrival, though, marks the show’s transition into darker material.

Sailor Moon S might be considered the best season, but I have a hard time watching it.

(This parallels  my aversion to Legend of Korra; while good, it’s not as enjoyable as the first series.)

These two oppose Sailor Moon to pursue their own agenda.

Sure, they had good reasons…but NO ONE treats Usagi that way.


4. Sailor Saturn

Related image

I know Hotaru can’t help being a world-ending abomination, but YIKES.

Her character arc stresses me out.

Super neat that your beloved single father turned evil.

This isn’t at all painful to watch.

As with Uranus and Neptune, Sailor Saturn’s presence darkens the series.

My favorite episode from the first season follows Luna on her worst day ever. In the episode’s climax, Zoisite ends up engulfed by a wall of rats.

What makes you think I can handle the destruction of the world?


3. Moonlight Knight

Related image

You replaced the iconic Tuxedo Mask with THIS GUY?

I can’t STAND Moonlight Knight.

If you hate Tuxedo Mask’s vague advice, watch an episode with Moonlight Knight.

He’s worse than a motivational poster.


If I remember correctly, Moonlight Knight came from the subconscious projection of Mamoru’s lost memories.






2. Sailor Mars

Related image

I’ve never been much of a Rei fan.

I don’t like that she constantly undermines Usagi.

And, as petty as this sounds, she disrupts my OTP TWICE.

Shipping aside, Rei is really nasty for no reason.

The show calls her “the mature one,” but would an actual mature person treat people so poorly?

It comes down to some of my personal experiences with passive-aggressive and verbally-abusive friends. I can’t find the positive in a character who knocks Usagi down in every episode.

NO ONE deserves a friend this toxic.


1. Chibi Usa AKA Mini Moon AKA “Rini”

Image result for sailor moon rini

You know how I dislike threats to my OTP?



(She’ll always be “Rini” to me.)

I may never watch Viz Media’s dub of the Rini episodes.

Uranus and Neptune make the show dark; Rini makes it INSUFFERABLE.

Did Usagi need ANOTHER obstacle to true love in the form of her BRATTY FUTURE DAUGHTER?

According to other characters, Usagi and Rini fight all the time because they LOVE EACH OTHER.

I HATE IT when these characters fight. Their constant bickering does nothing to convince me of their closeness. (Refer back to my Sailor Mars entry.)

I should also mention that Rini has a crush on her future dad.


Some fans criticize Usagi’s immaturity in feeling threatened by Rini.

Alternate opinion: why is Mamoru neglecting his girlfriend to spend time with a FIVE-YEAR-OLD?

UGGGHHHHHH. This story arc was so FRUSTRATING.

I’ve come to terms with two things:

  1. I will probably never watch Sailor Stars. (Once again, too dark.)
  2. I WILL NEVER WATCH SAILOR MOON SUPER S AGAIN. I can’t believe you tried to retool the show with RINI AS THE PROTAGONIST. NO. THIS WILL NOT STAND.


Believe it or not, I have a positive version of this list.


And a couple of them were surprises to me.

Stay tuned.


Fellow fans: am I unjustified in my Rini hate? How do you feel about Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S? Have you ever screamed at Moonlight Knight while watching the show?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Least Favorite Sailor Moon Characters”

  1. LMFAO! I absolutely love this. I actually love Sailor Uranus and Saturn – but I do agree, their introduction does mark more dark content. I love them more in the Japanese version, since they totally replace the “lesbian lovers” connection in the North American version…ugh.

    Ugh…Moonlight Knight ANNOYED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME! I really didn’t care for him.

    I ACTUALLY get annoyed by Usagi…don’t hate me! I love her, but her crying gets on my nerves after a while…

    Mini Moon I have a love/hate relationship with. Mainly don’t care for her, but I do like some parts of her story.

    Rei was NEVER one of my favs…Usagi does cry a lot, but Rei is downright RUDE!

    Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter are my FAVS! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE “COUSINS” FIASCO UNTIL HIGH SCHOOL. Uranus and Neptune work way better as a power couple!

      THANK YOU!!! MOONLIGHT KNIGHT IS SUPER ANNOYING. Tuxedo Mask gets so much crap from fans; it’s like everyone blocked Moonlight Knight from their memories to gang up on Tuxedo Mask instead.

      Haha Usagi is a huge crybaby. I find it more hilarious than anything else, though I can see it getting annoying.

      From what I’ve been reading on TVTropes, Mini Moon was screwed from the beginning by really terrible voice actors, so a LOT of English-speakers hate her. Season 2 is really decent, though, so it’s hard to write her off completely!

      Down with Mars, up with Mercury and Jupiter. (I don’t see people talking about Venus much? Poor Venus.)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I know eh??? Epic power couple!! I don’t get the hate on Tuxedo Mask at all…

        Most of the time it’s funny, but sometimes the crying is too much lol! Though i bet I’d be the same 😅

        I don’t necessarily hate Mini Moon, but i do agree about the voice acting. This is why i tend to watch subbed lol! I also just didn’t like how she took away from the focus on Usagi lol.

        I know eh? I like Venus! But she’s just not my fav.

        Liked by 1 person

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