Dessertathon: Sugar acquired

After a busy couple of weeks, I finished one of the books on my Dessertathon TBR!

Dessertathon TBR

One down, six to go!

For the Sugar prompt (feel-good book), I reread Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop for the umpteenth time.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

I love this book so much.

Casey McQuiston’s prose always gets me. I love the historical tidbits they include in each of their books.

I love that August’s bisexuality is never questioned.

I love that a ragtag bunch of queer people plans a wild party to save Pancake Billy’s House of Pancakes.

This is a book that I truly want to live in.

In some ways, I can; like August, I have a beautiful queer family that brightens my life.

I would also like a sandwich named after me.

I will settle for trying to recreate the Su Special in real life.

Here’s to magic and to books that make us cry.

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