Real Life

On Peace and Love

This morning, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

In his response, President Biden urged citizens to “keep all protests peaceful.” He emphasized, “Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful–no intimidation. Violence is never acceptable. Threats and intimidation are not speech. We must stand against violence in any form regardless of your rationale.”

I’ve long grown tired of the president’s need to differentiate from Trump. What does one do when one’s predecessor once called for violence from the White House?

You choose the opposite. You call for peace.

I say fuck peace.

We have seen so much death in the last two-and-a-half years and we know more is coming.

Politicians would have us mourn quietly in our homes.

They would have us be patient and request rights nicely.

All month, I have watched corporations parade my identity like an accessory while people in power plan to strip me of my rights.

I reject a peace that promotes passivity.

Those who came before me threw bricks.

I say we follow their lead.

I know this attitude horrifies people.

I find myself at odds with those who claim to be motivated by love, the ones who abhor violence and think kind conversation and “agreeing to disagree” will fix things.

They point to Christ, who went down without a fight, and say, “Be like him!”

That same Christ flipped tables and performed miracles. He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and welcomed rejects back into society.

Fuck a love that allows and accepts harm rather than protect those who have been hurt.

Fuck a love that worships inaction.

Fuck a love that calls for thoughts and prayers.

We will rise up.

We will march and throw bricks and scream until those in power listen.

We will organize and act up.

We will spur one another on and support each other.

For those who would ask us to be patient: we are already moving.

Catch up or be left behind.

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