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foklore book tag

I found another folklore book tag, this one created by Star is All Booked Up.

I tried to diversify my answers – not sure I succeeded!

the 1

a book you grew out of

The Matched series by Ally Condie was, for me, Baby’s First Dystopian Sci-Fi.

I loved the world, the premise, everything about it.

I bought a used copy of the first book, intending to see if the story held up.

While unhauling books, I decided I don’t need to know.

Matched was fun when I read it in college. I don’t need to revisit it as an adult.

I’ll pass this book on to someone else.


a book you keep coming back to

I’ve kept Echo After Echo on my shelf for a while.

It’s on one of my more visible bookshelves, so I look at it often yet never want to read it.

Every time I think about unhauling it, I tell myself, “I can’t unhaul a sapphic book I haven’t read yet!”

I’m still undecided.

the last great american dynasty

a book where everything goes wrong (in the best way)

(Spoilers for Twilight)

I just reread Twilight. The climax totally holds up. It’s thrilling.

A wild tracker appears and smells Bella!

Edward defends her – wrong move!

Bella travels to Phoenix – the tracker changes his course!

The tracker kidnaps Bella’s mom, leading her to ditch her vampire bodyguards!

It’s a complete shitshow and it’s genuinely tense.

I may have even been biting my nails.


an ending you didn’t like (or a ship that sank)

(Spoilers for Beyond the Black Door)

(CW: incest, rape, victim blaming)

I already knew I hated Beyond the Black Door from page one.

The end did nothing to assuage my hatred.

At the VERY END, the book decided it was about assassinating royalty and Kamai had to stop her stepbrother Razim from killing the king.

Razim, who was heavily implied in the beginning to be a TOTAL CREEP, lech, and potential rapist, becomes good again.

Oh! It was Kamai’s demon-possessed soul that was making Razim act like that! He was a good guy all along – being around Kamai is what changed him!

What in the victim blamey hell??

my tears ricochet

broke your heart

I purchased Punching the Air without realizing it was written by one of the EXONERATED FIVE.

The book became much more real once I figured this out.

It hurts to read about this child going to prison.

Poor Amal.


a book that speaks to your soul

At numerous points in my life, I’ve felt unlovable.

During one of these times, I found refreshing unlucky-in-love rep in The Upside of Unrequited.

Molly’s struggling. She hates her body. She depends on medication to manage her anxiety. She resents her outgoing sister.

These are all things I’ve felt at one time or another.

I love that Molly gets her happy ending.


characters you want to protect and take home

I’m pretty sure bad things are coming for the founders’ kids in The Devouring Gray.

I want to keep them safe, but there’s no chance I’ll succeed.


summer love

Isn’t Beach Read about summer love?

Is that the plot?

this is me trying

mental illness rep

Some of the essays in Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession discussed the depression that comes after making a big life change.

I was depressed for a long time after I first moved to Seattle.

I had no friends and I couldn’t afford anything. My dating attempts and various career moves proved colossal failures.

The essays in this book helped me feel less alone.

illicit affairs

forbidden romance

Jude, my favorite character from There Will Come a Darkness, harbored an illicit crush on his best friend Hector.

I was rooting for them so hard that when the narrative abandoned ship, I abandoned the book.

In the sequel, I hear Jude is yearning for someone else.

Best of luck to him.

invisible string


Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop plays with the idea of The Red String of Fate.

Everyone has a soulmate…except, it seems, Vanessa.

I won’t spoil what happens. I will say Vanessa goes on some of the saddest dates of all time.

mad woman

vengeful woman

The Shadows Between Us opens with a graphic murder.

Alessandra killed the first boy who broke her heart and buried him deep beneath the ground.

Happy Halloween!


a loss you’re not over

Midway through Tarnished are the Stars, I texted my friend, “Something really bad just happened.”

I didn’t think the book would go there.

I was not okay.


love triangle, f/f romance

Cinderella is Dead features perhaps the first f/f love triangle I’ve ever seen in a mainstream YA book.

The outcome is pretty obvious, but the intention is there.


found family

I’m getting found family vibes from both Ashia Monet’s The Black Veins and SJ Whitby’s Cute Mutants Vol 1: Mutant Pride.

Maybe I’ll read both of these books once I’m done with The Twilight Saga.

Alternately, maybe I’ll pivot and finally read Echo After Echo.

I’m finding that planning to read certain books motivates me to read other books instead.


character that fooled you

I can’t talk about the character in question without spoiling Slay.

Please read this book.

I screamed.

I’ve come across a BEVY of great tags of late.

Stay tuned for more prompts involving my inexplicable newfound love for Twilight!

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