The Tag of Rage and Sorrow

I’d never heard of Sangu Mandanna’s Celestial trilogy until Sahi posted about it.

She seems to love it, though, and I trust her opinion.

*after a quick Google*

Hm…I may need this trilogy in my life.

Welcome to the Tag of Rage and Sorrow, as created by Krisha @ Bookathon, inspired by The Celestial Trilogy, and hyped by Sahi @ My World of Books.

Many thanks to them and to other fantasy-loving book bloggers who make fun tags.



A Book/Character which empowered you and made you feel strong

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy was…fine.

Solid three-star read.

Meg Jo Beth Amy

The ENDING, though, made me weep.

I’m proud of the March girls for fighting back.

Keep resisting.



A Duology you recommend with all your heart

(I love the name “Bear.” Blue and Bear are my favorite names for fraternal twins.)

I had a hard time settling on a duology, so I’m going with one my friend Claire loves.


I might read the Damar duology one of these days.




A Book which made you feel seen

Oh goodness.

I thought my gender identity was too complicated to be captured by a single character.

Both Courtney C. Stevens and Liz Prince proved me wrong by perfectly depicting the experiences of two masc-leaning ladies.


Tomboy was especially spooky – Liz Prince and I had the same childhood.





A Book/Character which was witty and made you laugh

Even as I wept through the final chapters of Crooked Kingdom, that darn Jesper Fahey kept making me giggle.

Crooked Kingdom

Kuwei, too.

Jesper has my heart completely.

I cannot wait to watch Kit Young portray Jesper in the Netflix series.



A Book you ended up loving even though you were not sure about it

I just recced RWRB to two different people, so it’s been on my mind.


Take note: I usually hate both fictional politics and romance novels and I LOVED this book.

I shed a tear or two at the end, by which I mean I BAWLED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.



A Book you have mixed feelings about

I finally decided to get rid of Daisy Jones & The Six.

Daisy Jones & the Six

I read this book REALLY fast and was QUITE invested until I got to that DUMB TWIST.

The ending recalled How I Met Your Mother and you KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT SHOW.

Dear Taylor Jenkins Reid: stop using twists to make your books “meaningful,” please.



A Book/Character which turned out to be disappointing

(CW: abuse)

When Maia was initially introduced in The Mortal Instruments, I was stoked.

City of Fallen Angels

Making your new character a werewolf who has chemistry with Simon Lewis is pretty genius.

Unfortunately, instead of capitalizing on this great new character, Cassandra Clare put more focus on Simon and Isabelle and let Maia get back with her abuser??????

I HATED this development.

SUPER tone-deaf move on Cassandra Clare’s part.

The second Mortal Instruments trilogy was a mess of disappointment.



A Book with great supporting characters/great team

I don’t always love multiple POVs, but when I do, it’s because of an ensemble cast.

Leap Day used to be my favorite ensemble novel.

Leap Day.jpg

Mini character arcs are so delightful.

Like little bites at a dessert buffet.

This book may have inspired my ensemble novel for NaNo 2019.

This and A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall.


Have you read this series?

If so, I tag you.

And if you haven’t…

…I still tag you.


5 thoughts on “The Tag of Rage and Sorrow”

  1. I’m so glad you discovered this series because of me coz it’s very close to my heart and I want the whole world to know about it 😭😭😭
    Hope you’ll enjoy it too !!!!
    And yay for Jesper… his and Kuwei’s interactions are impossible to forget 😂😂😂

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