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October Feelings + NaNo Announcement


I didn’t watch as many horror movies as I wanted to because LIFE GOT BUSY.

(I did watch the first Hellraiser, which was…not good?)

My team recently switched offices, I move into my new apartment tomorrow, and – despite conversing with four different Xfinity agents – I still don’t have internet!

I can finally reveal that my team at work dressed as the X-Files for Halloween. Honestly, we killed it.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

However, we DID NOT WIN.

I am quite salty.

As far as books go, I reread a lot of things and had a lot of feelings.


The Boyfriend List activated tender feels

Rereading the Ruby Oliver Quartet was a very sad, very healing process.


I have never related to the series more.

I felt very strongly for Ruby and her grieving process. I JUST WANT THE BEST FOR HER.


Three Women strengthened my rage

(CW: sexual abuse)

I am done with the belief that rape accusations ruin men’s lives.

Even though Aaron Knodel sexually abused at least one of his students, his entire community came to his defense.

Knodel got his job back a year after the trial. The man is doing fine.

Three Women

As is Louis C. K.

And Harvey Weinstein.

None of them are facing consequences and I hate it.

Sometimes strangers call them out and ruin their night.

That’s not enough.


Tillie Walden disappointed me again

I don’t think Tillie Walden’s style is for me.

I’ve read two of her graphic novels and had mixed feelings about both.

Last month, I picked up are you listening?

Are you listening

My issues:

  • I find Walden’s indistinct art style hard to follow
  • Walden’s work tends to be dialogue-light and open to interpretation, which is not my usual taste
  • I had a really hard time parsing the magical realism elements: the men were…who and the cat did…what?

So no, I will not be reading On a Sunbeam, even though it has gotten rave reviews.

I don’t think it will resonate with me.


The Golden Compass hits me differently

I first read The Golden Compass in seventh grade and I was APPALLED.

Golden Compass

How DARE Philip Pullman criticize the Catholic church! How DARE his characters try to destroy God, the papacy, and religion!

What did God ever do to HIM???

Y’all, we need to pray for Philip Pullman.

Thirteen years later, after repeated negative church experiences, I read the book with a different attitude.

As unsubtle as Pullman’s religious commentary is, he has a point.

Experience doesn’t make us worthless. Invention is not a sin.

Also, Pullman now identifies as agnostic, which is a very vulnerable turn to take.

High five, sir. I appreciate you.

And I will ABSOLUTELY read your book about Jesus as I am VERY curious.


Jesper Fahey’s pan rep warmed my heart

I and the other members of NaNoWriMo’s Ace/Aro-spec message board spend a lot of time discussing romance in fiction.

The general consensus: romance doesn’t have to be sexual to be sexy.

My personal opinion: I like the mushy feelings best of all.

Jesper and Wylan finally get some squishy romantic moments in Crooked Kingdom and the descriptions are so refreshing!

Crooked Kingdom

Jesper identifies physical sensations as different emotions.

I learned this tactic in therapy and was SO PLEASED TO SEE IT USED IN FICTION.


There are other couples in the duology that we don’t have to talk about because JESPER/WYLAN IS THE BEST ONE.


I hadn’t processed my feelings about The Raven King

(Spoilers for The Raven Cycle)

When The Raven King came out, a lot of fans felt disappointed with the resolution.

Raven King

I REFUSED to let myself feel that way.

Sure, there were some things I didn’t like or understand, but everything else was FINE! WHY COULDN’T PEOPLE JUST BE POSITIVE?

Three years later, I reread the final book for the first time and OH BOY.

Turns out I have some STRONG feelings about The Raven King.

I like the ending overall…I think.

I don’t like the “resolutions” to some of the plot threads (e.g., the demon auction, Mr. Gray, etc.)

The pacing, as with the rest of the series, felt off.

And, good Lord, I RESENT Henry Cheng so very much.

I feel like Maggie Stiefvater tried too hard to make him an integral part of the team when, as my friend Claire put it, Henry “didn’t put the time in.”

How could Gansey and Blue leave Adam and Ronan behind to explore the world with HENRY? I don’t like it.

An early Amazon review I read expressed disappointment with the ending, followed by the question, “Why read the series at all? Ronan. Ronan Lynch is the reason.”

Ronan IS the reason to read this series; his and Adam’s character arcs are so damn lovely.

I will always love the two of them, individually and collectively, no matter what.


SPEAKING of Ronan:

Per Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter, today is Ronan Lynch’s birthday!

Happy birthday to my beloved Dreamer!




A final note on today, November 1st:




I wasn’t originally planning to do it this year.

I had other plans on the docket and other things on my mind.

Then, after I’d ranted for the nth time about inadequate bisexual romances, my coworker asked, “Why don’t you write a better romance?”

I thought this was a great idea.

The romance I was prepping ballooned into something else and I couldn’t be more excited.

All this to say you probably won’t see as much content from me this month. I’ll be busy working on my NEW PROJECT.

Look at this aesthetic I made for it.


I have NOT STARTED WRITING, but I have a write-in scheduled later tonight.

I hope it goes well.

Best of luck to my fellow readers and WriMos!

Have a splendid month!


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