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Things I Will Miss About Chinatown

The day has arrived – I am FINALLY leaving Chinatown for grayer pastures.

My new neighborhood has a candle shop and cupcakes.

I traded my full kitchen for a writing desk and a window with a view.

I’ve already joined a local writing group.

Because I’ve lived in Chinatown for so long, though, there are a few things I will miss.

1. Walking to work

My “commute” used to require rolling out of bed and walking to the office half-asleep.

My new commute requires a bus.

I’ve done the ride before; it’s not too bad.

It will mean a new morning schedule, though, especially now that I work ten-hour shifts.

2. The pizza place downstairs

(I am eating a slice of pizza as I write this, so my feelings for this place are particularly strong.)

I wish I’d taken advantage of my proximity to pizza more often.

The owners and employees are very kind and the shop is suuuper queer-friendly.

I wore my “I Bilieve in Myself” sweatshirt there once and the owner told me, “I believe in you, too!”

I haven’t yet located a convenient local pizza spot in my new neighborhood.

Looks like it’s Domino’s from here on out.

3. Kinokuniya/Uwajimaya

I haven’t found another seller that supplies milk candy, astrology candles, and giant stuffed Totoros.

I’ve done a lot of Christmas shopping at Kinokuniya.

It’ll feel strange not to have this shop in my backyard.

4. Bubble tea

I don’t drink bubble tea very often, but my favorite bubble tea place has stores in Chinatown, Cap Hill, and the U District.

In other words, I live nowhere near good bubble tea.

5. Proximity to Capitol Hill

I’ve spent many weekends on Capitol Hill.

My old apartment was on the street car line and across from the light rail.

I could pop down to either station and be on the Hill in 20 minutes.

I can still get to Capitol Hill, but there’s no direct bus.

I also have friends who are Capitol Hill lifers; being farther from them will be difficult.



See ya, Chinatown.

It’s been a trip.

Be kind to my replacement.

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