GUEST POST: Interview with Ronan Lynch

Hello everyone! Chainsaw is back to bless us with another guest post!

In honor of Call Down the Hawk’s release, she interviewed protagonist Ronan Lynch on his new trilogy, dreaming, and his relationship with our favorite Magician.


(Spoilers for The Raven Cycle)

Chainsaw the Raven: So, Kerah-

Ronan Lynch: Ronan.


CTR: Right, that’s what I said. So, Kerah-



CTR: Kerah, tell us what it’s like to have your own trilogy.

RL: You little bastard.


CTR: Kerah? Thoughts on the trilogy?

RL: *sigh* It’s…weird. I hadn’t really planned on…you know. Making it out of the last series alive. But then I did and I got the farm and Cabeswater disappeared… It’s a lot. I’ve been waiting for Gansey to tell me what to do, but he’s not here…


CTR: Ugh, Gansey.

RL: Don’t say, “Ugh, Gansey.”


CTR: Didn’t he leave you behind to travel the world with Blue and that kid no one likes?

RL: *grunts*


CTR: Fuck him.

RL: Don’t fucking swear.


CTR: Sorry. Anyway, the trilogy. Tell me more about where you’re at.

RL: Well…I’m trying to dream Cabeswater like I did last time but it’s hard. I  figured out how to add rain, but… It’s not going to be like it was.


CTR: Won’t readers be happy to see Cabeswater in whatever form it takes?

RL: What if they’re not? What if I make it and it’s worse than before? What if they’re disappointed?


CTR: Okay, fair point. Also, Kerah…I’m really sorry about your mom.

RL: *silence*


CTR: We didn’t hear from your brother again at the end of The Raven King. Is Matthew okay?

RL: *silence*


CTR: …we don’t have to talk about your family anymore.

RL: *silence*


CTR: Okay, different question. How’s Adam?

RL: Who’s Adam?


CTR: Apologies. I meant Parrish.

RL: *shrugs* He’s Parrish.


CTR: WHERE is Parrish?

RL: College.


CTR: What is he studying?

RL: A major.


CTR: You must miss him.

RL: …….yeah.


CTR: Will he be coming back for the trilogy?

RL: God, I hope so.


CTR: Will OPAL be coming back for the trilogy?

RL: Probably.


CTR: Ugh.

RL: Mind your fucking manners! Who taught you to be so goddamn rude?


CTR: Final question…who was that woman who broke into the Barns?

RL: …wait, what?


CTR: You know…who used your computer and touched all your dream things?



Chainsaw is a Seattle-based raven writer from Ashland, Oregon.

When she’s not writing for Narrative Paradise, she loves spending time at the Barns with Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish.

She is not friends with Opal.


Ronan Lynch is a dreamer, one of the titular Raven Boys, and the protagonist of the upcoming Dreamer trilogy.

He likes swearing and drag racing.

Sometimes he dreams.

Call Down the Hawk, the first book in the Dreamer trilogy, will be released on November 5th, 2019.

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