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Halloween Movie Book Tag: Scream Inside Your Heart because Halloween is Over edition

October went by so fast.

Here we are, almost three weeks into November, and I still miss all the black cats and evil pumpkins.

Here is a Halloween movie tag in honor of the horror movies clogging up my Netflix queue.

I pulled this tag from its creator Robin @ Paperbacks and Planners.

Let’s see how many of these movies I’ve watched.

1. Halloweentown – Favorite magical world

Have I watched Halloweentown?: NO

Lucas Grabeel is in one of the sequels, yes? I know that much.

Ninth House introduces magic to the real world in way that’s funny without being irritating.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

I like the concept of the Old Boy network being a front for a magical cult.

The magic in Ninth House isn’t pretty (SO much blood involved, among worse things) but it’s interesting.

This book is fast becoming one of my favorites.

2. The Sanderson Sisters – A book with a revenge plot

Have I watched Hocus Pocus?: YES

There was a stealth revenge plot in The Subtle Knife that took me by surprise.

The Subtle Knife: Special Edition (The stunning sequel to The Golden Compass) by Philip Pullman

I guess there was also Lord Asriel’s attempt to attack and dethrone God.

All that to say, people who haven’t read the books will be upset by the second season of His Dark Materials.

3. The Haunted Mansion – Recommend 2 books that are similar to each other (if you like this, you’ll also like this)

Have I watched The Haunted Mansion?: NO

Poor Eddie Murphy.

Heart of Iron is the canonically-queer spiritual sequel to Cinder.

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston: A girl without a past, a boy without a future
Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I love both books with all my heart.

I have Soul of Stars, the Heart of Iron sequel, on my floor. I’ll be ready to tackle that book in 2021.

4. The Addams Family – A book with loads family drama

Have I watched The Addams Family?: NO, but I HAVE watched Addams Family Values

Raybearer has a strong mother-daughter conflict.

Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko: Behold what is coming

Tarisai wants her mother, The Lady, to be proud of her.

The Lady wants Tarisai to kill the Crown Prince.

You know…normal family stuff.

5. Twitches – Book featuring sisters

Have I watched Twitches?: NO, I didn’t have cable growing up, leave me alone

A River of Royal Blood promises two sisters fighting to the death.

A River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy

I have a hunch that the sisters become unlikely allies.

I could be wrong.

6. Practical Magic – A book about a curse

Have I watched Practical Magic, an older queer millennial classic?: NO I HAVE NOT

The characters from Night Shine have all been cursed in one way or another.

Night Shine by Tessa Gratton

The demons in this book do a lot of cursing. (Don’t they get tired?)

They make it difficult for the characters to get anything done.

7. Casper – A TBR book that is haunting you

Have I watched Casper?: NOPE

My friend Shane lent me Black Wings Beating and The House in the Cerulean Sea.

These books can be summed up as “queer dark fantasy” and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children for the gays.”

I don’t especially want to read either one, but they MIGHT be worth reading?

They’re sitting next to my bed, taunting me.

8. Clue – Twist you didn’t see coming

Have I watched Clue?: YES

I got to one of the twists in Bunny and couldn’t continue.

Bunny: A Novel by Mona Awad

I eventually read on after screaming for a good five minutes.

In a fun meta-twist, all the reviewers who read this book interpreted the sapphic subtext as platonic.

Just gals who tango and live together and are jealous of each others’ partners being pals.

9. Beetlejuice – Book featuring the undead

Have I watched Beetlejuice?: YES, but only the first twenty minutes

(Spoilers for The Twilight Saga)

Special mention goes to Breaking Dawn for having a vampire impregnate a human.

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Said human dies during childbirth and comes back as a vampire.

I have no words to describe the child aside from “medical marvel.”

10. Tim Burton – A book, author, or series you associate with Halloween

Have I watched a Tim Burton movie?: YES, they are inescapable



If you want to guess my mood at any given moment, know that it’s likely “mildly annoyed at Stephen King.”

11. Coraline – Recommend a middle grade

Have I watched Coraline?: HELL NO

Claribel Ortega’s Ghost Squad looks really fun.

Ghost Squad by Claribel Ortega

Are those children riding books à la E.T.?

Magical bike riding is one of my favorite tropes.

Adding this to my TBR stat.

12. The Great Pumpkin – Upcoming release you’re highly anticipating.

Have I watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?: YES, and I’m NOT A FAN

A Curse of Roses looks absolutely fabulous.

A Curse of Roses by Diana Pinguicha: Her love could destroy a kingdom...

I fall more in love with the premise every time I think about it.

This book comes out in December, which isn’t far away at all!

13. The Nightmare Before Christmas – A book that blends genres

Have I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas?: YES, I was a wannabe goth during the 2000s

Carmen Maria Machado wrote a memoir in ALMOST EVERY GENRE THAT EXISTS.

In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado

Horror? Yep.

Choose Your Own Adventure? YES.

Plot twist? UH-HUH.

Please read this book, I love it so much.

Happy Halloween in November!

I just watched His House and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Catch it on Netflix.

Also, if you’re not busy, read In the Dream House. It’s truly one of my favorite books.

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