MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Chava rejected

Oy. Here we go. Rolling up my sleeves for some strong personal feelings. These are tears of rage.

I’m not Jewish, for the record. I can’t claim that as part of my ancestry.

Today’s scene is from Fiddler on the Roof, and the basic premise is this: Tevye’s daughter Chava marries a man who isn’t Jewish and begs her father to accept them in spite of his beliefs.

Part of me understands. Marrying someone outside the faith is a big deal, and interfaith marriages pose unique challenges.

Such as a son who blinds horses.

On one hand, I can see where Tevye is coming from. His daughter is asking him to accept something he can’t condone.

On the other hand…is this really worth disowning your daughter for!?

Again, I’m not familiar with Jewish culture, so on the other hand…


Here’s my big problem:
Chava marries Fyedka, a guy who thinks she’s smart and buys her books and wants to talk to her about life. He happens not to be Jewish.

Tevye’s other daughter, Hodel, marries Perchik with her father’s blessing, and Perchik’s the worst.

Perchik flagrantly disrespects the village’s traditions, mocks Hodel, leaves her to complete “the greatest work a man can do” in Kiev, gets arrested, and is thrown into a Siberian prison.

Tevye assents to Hodel marrying a prisoner who can’t possibly provide for her and has nothing to offer because he’s Jewish, even though Tevye will likely never see his daughter again.

Uh-oh, Chava’s fallen in love with a sexy Gentile? Better stop talking to her voluntarily.

Need cheering up?
How to follow that up?

Well…there’s this guy in Fiddler.

His name’s Fyedka, and he stole my heart at age 14.

Men, take note: this method of picking up women will work.

Bonus points for the line, “We’re just having a little fun, Fyedka,” sounding outrageously silly in a Russian accent.

Super bonus points for Fyedka petting the cow and flopping his hands like a creepy scarecrow…and still looking hot.

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