TOP TEN TUESDAY: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

I’m trying to stay off Twitter, friends.

It’s my one remaining social media account.

Well, that and Goodreads.

And this blog.

And Linkedin.


I don’t want to talk about it.

Anyway, today’s Top Ten Tuesday is characters I would follow on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or whatnot.

I decided to follow couples, extroverts, and bi icons.


Nikolai Lantsov from King of Scars

Nikolai affects a charming persona so his enemies will underestimate him.

I’d tune in to see party updates and shirtless pics.

I bet you Nikolai would love posting #ootd photos.

I’m ready to drool over his fabulous coats.


Zoya Nazyalensky from King of Scars

I suspect that Zoya’s tweets, though few and far between, would be worth waiting for.

She’s bitter and beautiful (and, potentially, Ravka’s new queen?)

#NewProfilePic, please.


Prince Rhy from A Darker Shade of Magic

Here begins a trend: most of the characters I want to follow are bi icons.

Bicons, if you will.

Rhy seems like a fun party boy with great hair.

I need more hair inspiration in my life.


Shug Avery from The Color Purple



Woman about town.

I’d guess Shug posts new songs and concert videos on a daily basis.

I bet she also models Celie’s fantastic pants. Women supporting women!


Sofia from The Color Purple

Sofia would have a joke Twitter, no question.

They’d be pretty spicy jokes, too.

I can see her sharing a lot of feminist articles and opinions.

Sofia isn’t bi, but she’s an icon all the same.


Starr Carter from The Hate U Give

I need to keep apprised of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Starr would stay up-to-date.


Alex Claremont-Diaz from Red, White, and Royal Blue

Here’s the truth: I want to follow Alex’s Instagram for couple pics.

I bet Alex takes the CUTEST candids of Henry.

I also expect a lot of selfies and memes and earnest political posts.

And filters. So many filters.


Gemma from These Witches Don’t Burn

Dance photos.

Dance photos.

DANCE photos.

I love the ballerina aesthetic and Gemma seems like the type of person to take perfect selfies.


Levi Keller from Small Town Hearts

Allegedly, Levi’s Instagram is packed with photos of his beautiful art.

I like to look at paintings of quaint small towns.


Prince Ossin from Deerskin

Princess Lissla Lissar wouldn’t use any sort of social media. She’s not that kind of person.

Her partner Prince Ossin would AT LEAST have an instagram to post photos of his dogs.

I LOVE Ossin’s dogs, especially the puppies.

On a VERY RARE OCCASION, he might post photos of Lissar with the dogs.

Or…OR…OR…maybe he’d post a couple pic on their anniversary? Or something?


This was a fun topic!

I’m pretty bummed now that these social media accounts don’t exist.

I’ll hit dog Twitter to cheer myself up.

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