2020 Reading Stats + Coup Thoughts: This is not a politics-free zone

We’re eleven days into January and I’m just now posting my reading stats.

Blame the jerks who tried to take over my country’s government last week while the president did nothing.

My nerves are shot.

In other news, this statement from Andrew Yang sure hasn’t aged well!

Gif from MSNBC of Andrew Yang, Former Tech Executive, saying, "It is not left. It is not right. It is forward."
Shut up.

Number of Books Read in 2020

Pie chart titled "Total Books Read."

Blue portion, 89.5%, reads "Total Books Completed."

Red portion, 10.5%, reads "Total DNFS."

Total books: 191

Completed: 171

DNFed: 20

Types of Books Read in 2020

Pie chart titled: Types of Books Read

Blue slice, 57.1%, reads "fiction"

Red slice, 26.7%, reads "nonfiction"

Yellow slice, 14.1%, reads "graphic novels"

Green slice, 2.1%, reads "poetry"

Fiction: 109
Number of Fiction DNFs: 17 (16%)

Nonfiction: 51
Number of Nonfiction DNFS: 3 (6%)

Graphic novels: 27

Poetry/verse: 4

New books vs. rereads

Pie chart titled "New Books vs. Rereads"

Blue slice, 82.7%, reads "New Books"

Red slice, 17.3%, reads "Rereads"

New books: 158
Number of New Book DNFs: 19 (12%)

Rereads: 33
Number of Reread DNFs: 1 (3%)

Age group

Pie chart titled "Age Group"

Blue slice, 36.6%, reads "YA"

Red slice, 63.4%, reads "Adult"

Young Adult: 70
Number of Young Adult DNFS: 3 (4%)

Adult: 121
Number of Adult DNFs: 17 (14%)

Genre split

Pie chart of genres with the following slices:

Anthology: 1.0%
Romance: 2.1%
Horror: 3.7%
History: 1.0%
Literary: 4.7%
Spirituality: 5.2%
Social science: 3.7%
Mystery: 2.1%
Memoir/essay: 13.6%
Self-help: 2.6%
Feminism: 2.1%
Classics: 2.1%
Science-fiction: 7.9%
Fantasy: 33.5%
Contemporary: 10.5%

Most-read genre: Fantasy (33.5%)

Least-read genres: Anthology (1.0%), History (1.0%)

Goodbye, 2020. Good riddance.

Last year was so bad, I have no intention of writing a retrospective.

Just gonna take my reading stats and go.

Before I do: what happened at the Capitol was insurrection.

The Capitol raid clearly showed how dedicated white voters are to maintaining power.

This was not Antifa in disguise – this was a full-on tantrum from people who believe the government belongs to them.

They attempted a coup with the intent to harm government officials and throw out Black votes.

They scaled the walls of the Capitol to instill fear and took photos in the House and Senate chambers like the whole thing was one big joke.

I will not be bothsidesing this shit.

Shame on everyone who allowed this security breach to happen.

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