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MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Fullmetal Alchemist

Whatever WordPress tells you, it’s Monday where I am.

I was going to do an post on “Up,” but I’m “Up”-ed out.

Instead, I’m going to focus on something worse. Far worse.

Fair warning for those who haven’t watched “Fullmetal Alchemist”: this is a HUGE spoiler for the first season. HUGE. It will ruin your life.

Some jerk spoiled this for me BEFORE I’D EVEN WATCHED THE SHOW and then went on a long tirade about how people get so worked up about spoilers. He tried to spiritualize spoilers like I was the one with the problem. I’m not going to be that guy. TURN BACK NOW IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT.

Even though I knew this death was coming, it wrecked me. Knowing it was coming made it so much worse because everything in the episode made me not want it to happen.

It was enough to be sad that a favorite character of mine died. Maes Hughes was one of the best parts of the show. Having such an appealing character die felt unfair. I was on my way to devastated when Hughes’ daughter, the love of his life, started yelling for him at the funeral.

At 1:07, there’s a quick shot of Alex Louis Armstrong, the most magnificent character in the series, openly weeping. When I saw him, I was done.

Rewatch bonus for fans:
At 1:10, you see the Fuhrer standing in apparent mourning. I was filled with SO MUCH RAGE when I remembered how he later expressed disgust at Elicia’s crying. HE’S NOT EVEN SAD! HOW DARE HE ATTEND THIS FUNERAL!

Need cheering up?
This video has gotten me through hard times.

It was this or Peter Dinklage’s laughable accent. The karate chop won.

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