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Support Rise, Inc.


Some of the people I love most have been raped by those closest to them.

Some of the people I love most have struggled against a system that protects their abusers.

I often hesitate to offer support when others ask, but for them? Yes. Of course. Without question.

So I support Rise, Inc.’s fight to claim rights for rape survivors around the world.

You can further the cause by signing their petition to pass the United Nations Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Resolution.

The act is small, but the need is great. Let us come together in service of that need.

The petition needs 200,000 signatures and we are so close.

Sign for those who have suffered violence.






She/her. 4w3. Lover of vegan cream cheese and performative angst. Seattle-based writer currently dabbling in socialism and progressive Christianity. I love to call out, complain, overreact, analyze, and reimagine. This site contains the fruit of that labor.

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