Bare Your Bookshelf Tag

Kacey wrote a post so great on Tales of a Bibliophile that I had to do this tag for myself.

That’s all there is to it.


Book You Own But Haven’t Read Yet

There are so many of them…

I bought The Great Glass Sea the same, fateful day I purchased The Cake Therapist.

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I often think it might be a nice book to pick up…then I read the words “epic” and “post-apocalyptic” and lose all motivation.


Books Your Friends Love

My friends and I read very different books.

I have a few borrowed volumes on my shelves.

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Claire lent me a copy of The Green Rider, a book she enjoyed.

From her, I also have Cold Mountain and Rupi Kaur’s second volume of poetry.


Book by an Author You Love

I own Renegades by fellow Washingtonian Marissa Meyer.

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Book at the Bottom of Your TBR Pile

Some sacrilege: I may not love David Foster Wallace.

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I’ve had The Broom of the System sitting on my shelf since sophomore year of college.

I like DFW more as a person than I do as a writer.

He writes like he thinks he’s REALLY SMART.

He is, but I don’t need to be reminded of it all the time.


Book with Color in the Title

HaHA! I own The Red Tent!

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(Haven’t read it.)


Book Set Somewhere You’d Like to Visit

Emphasis on the word “visit.”

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Elizabeth Bard wrote Lunch in Paris after moving to France to be with her now-husband.

I’ll skip lunch and go straight to dessert.


Most Collected Author


I own 23 volumes of Natsuki Takaya’s manga…but that’s just one series.

Same with Meg Cabot; I own all 10 of The Princess Diaries.

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Otherwise, I own the complete works of Jane Austen and (say it with me) HAVEN’T! READ! THEM! ALL!


Mismatched Series

SO many.

I own all of The Lunar Chronicles except Winter in paperback.

I own the first three Ruby Oliver books in their original covers; I’m missing the edition of Real Live Boyfriends with the ceramic deer on the front.

My Princess Diaries books are all messed-up; I bought the newer ones after a reprint. Half of my books have tiaras, the other half look like diaries.

I like the tiara books better.


Book You Love But Don’t Remember Well

I LOVE The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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I read it OVER a decade ago.

DOES IT HOLD UP? I have NO idea.