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The Alphabet Post Challenge

This post will be massive and unrelated to books.

But…it’s alphabetized.

Stu created this tag over at this blog Something to Stu Over. The objective: pick a word for each letter of the alphabet and explain your reasoning, thoughts, or feelings behind your choice.

I saw this challenge on Jenna’s blog and, of course, she made it look fun.

I immediately started drafting my own post.

Get ready to learn a lot about me.


A is for “Anatevka”

In 2015, my parents’ church put on Fiddler on the Roof.

The three of us were supposed to audition as a family, but circumstances prevented us.




B is for Black Panther

Black Panther

Black Panther surpassed “good for a Marvel movie.”

It stands on its own as a great film.



C is for Cashew milk


All hail cashew milk, the most delicious non-dairy milk I’ve yet tried!

Calcium for everyone!


D is for DC Bombshells


Growing up, I made do with my brothers’ favorite male superheroes.

I wonder now how I could have been content without a series like this one.

Women! Everywhere! Saving the day!

I’ve finally found a place in the hall of superheroes.

It feels like getting my childhood back.

E is for Exvangelical


Because I’ve been distancing myself from my evangelical roots for a long time, I didn’t realize I was still grieving my loss of belief, culture, and community.

I miss the perceived unity of the evangelical church.

At its best, the evangelical denomination is close-knit, supportive, and joy-filled.

As a teenager, church was hell for me.

I would hold out for the moments when I truly felt connected.

Easter Sunday, for instance, went far in making me feel like a part of the body.

I don’t want to return to my anxiety-fueled view of God.

Sometimes, though, I miss the “us against the world” mindset that helped me fit in.


F is for Feminism


Feminism threatens the authoritarian patriarchal power structure of the evangelical movement, you say?

Where. Do. I. Sign. Up.

For real, though: my community lambasted feminism as a reactive, nonsensical worldview. (Those in glass houses…?) Church leaders showed a deep disdain for feminism that I absorbed.

College flipped my views. I started to look at church culture differently.

Did I really like helping in the nursery…or was that the only ministry opportunity available to me?


G is for Get Out

Get Out

Get Out is so good.

Jordan Peele deserves all the awards.

Looking forward to his next film, “Us,” out March 22.


H is for Horror Movies

Pan's Labyrinth

I used to believe horror movies made God mad.

I never knew violent slasher films could be a form of relaxation.

I enjoy everything from horror elements to full-on murder sprees.

I watched Pan’s Labyrinth over the weekend. Captain Vidal and the Pale Man ruined my life.



I is for Improv


Inspired by The Artist’s Way, I signed up for my first improv class.

My friend Kermit called improv class “adult recess.”

I love having a place to practice my acting chops and play games with my friends.

Because of improv, I’m more comfortable in my body.

I’m also more willing to fail. IMPROV MADE ME BRAVE.


J is for Jam


I like funk jams better than slow jams.

Know what I really hate? Fruit jams.

Stop putting gritty fruit filling in celebratory cakes.


K is for Karaoke


My karaoke fantasies far outstrip my actual abilities.

I’m not bad; I can carry a tune, which is more than most.

That’s not enough for me.

I dream of blowing people away with my performance.

I imagine getting everyone in the bar to sing along.

I just want a romcom-worthy karaoke experience, okay!?

Stop telling me real life isn’t like the movies, Karen. I’m sick of your attitude.


L is for Lent

This is my second year observing Lent.

Last year was rough. I gave up the one thing that numbed my emotions.

I had to feel some truly uncomfortable things.

I suppose that’s the point, but come ON.

I was expecting something akin to the false spirituality described by Jesus in Matthew 6. I thought I’d make a big show of my sacrifice.

I can bellyache! I’m good at that!

Don’t make me go through an ACTUAL spiritual experience!


M is for Manga

usagi mamoru

My hometown library boasted a pretty impressive manga collection.

I read Sailor Moon way, way too young, later graduating to Fruits Basket and School Rumble as a teenager.

During my stint in Virginia, I checked out volumes of Victorian Romance Emma on difficult days.

Though I don’t turn to it often, manga has always been there for me when I need it.


N is for Nikujaga


The School Rumble anime translated nikujaga into “beef stew” to avoid confusing the kiddies.

I know better now.

Who would have thought this would be the omnivorous recipe I’d miss the most?


O is for Openness to Experience

Big 5

I score on the upper middle of the Openness to Experience continuum.

I like to try new things…sometimes.

I like my new experiences to be vetted beforehand.

This is why I watch new shows years after their release.

The fact that I finished Sex Education and The Umbrella Academy the same year they came out is pretty unusual.


P is for Pins

Over it

I advertise my personality with enamel pins.

According to my pins, I am a book-loving, pancake-eating feminist who is just over it.


Q is for Queer History

Queer there

In January, I read the excellent Queer, There, and Everywhere.

The individual profiles of notable queer icons made the information easy to digest.

If you’ve never heard of Fr. Mychal Judge, Google him right now.


R is for Red Beans and Rice

Red beans

I had no idea these two foods tasted so good together.

And, as my dad loves to point out, this meal contains complete proteins!

New favorite food.


S is for Sing-a-long


Doesn’t a sing-a-long sound fun? Who doesn’t love singing?

Wait, it’s worse than sober karaoke? How is that possible?

There are so many people here and I’ve never felt more alone.


T is for Trombone


I played trombone for ten years.

I have fond(ish) memories of playing trombone in college, but my favorite trombone memory comes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Pinkie Pie races around the village, searching for a trombone.

The others, too busy fighting an invasive species, ignore her.

Then this happens:

Pinkie Pie


U is for Upsurge


Spring is coming and, for once, I feel great.

Last spring, I couldn’t get out of bed.

This spring, I’m watching reasonable amounts of Netflix, socializing, and baking cupcakes.

Thanks, modern medicine!


V is for Veganism


I identify with Convenient Veganism: I’ll avoid meat and dairy, but I’m not about to make my own nut milk.

Did you know you can use Easy Vegan Rangoon Dip as burrito filling?

I should try it on a bagel next.


W is for Washington


Born and (mostly) raised.

I grew up thinking I’d leave one day, but I’m still here.


X is for Xtreme


In true Christian fashion, the church tried to capitalize on ’90s skater culture almost a decade too late.

The church mimicked skater aesthetics in an effort to target “the youths,” making such masterpieces as the 2001 film “Extreme Days.”

Image result for extreme days film
Have you ever seen a more 2000s thing?

I almost turned this into a rant about Christian T-shirts repurposing logos for the Lord, but I will SAVE THAT FOR ANOTHER DAY.

For my part, I wished the church had prioritized compassion over cool.

The teens I knew could have used an ear, not a T-shirt.


Y is for Young Adult Fiction

In college, I had a professor imply that, as we matured, our tastes would turn to literary fiction.

He had each student name the last three books they read and shamed students with more “commercial” tastes.

Seven years later, I still pass on “literary” works in favor of YA fiction.

Where else could I read about bi disaster boys and spunky space teens?


(This book should arrive today. I CAN’T WAIT.)


Z is for Zoisite

zoisite cryin


Actually, don’t.

Nothing you say can change my love for Zoisite, the pettiest villain of all.

So many fond memories about the wall of rats.

Good. Times.


This was fun! I almost wish the English alphabet had more letters.

Do you like the alphabet? Do you want an opportunity to discuss more than books? Do this tag!

It took me at least a week, but it was worth it!

8 thoughts on “The Alphabet Post Challenge”

  1. I love cashew milk! I can’t have dairy at all, so being able to have cashew milk for coffee and teas is lovely! Oooo F for Feminism — should’ve thought of that; I really like that one.

    Black Panther is SUCH a great film — one of my go to rewatching films ha-ha! And manga — literally, thank gosh for manga!

    Yes for YA and for Queer history. I’ve been reading a lot more LGBTQA+ books the past two years and I love them so much.

    I’ve never heard of The Convenient Vegan but thank you for sharing! I’m going to explore that more.

    Great post and thank you for the shout out love! I really enjoyed reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful comments. 🙂 I really liked your alphabet post (even the nature parts!)

      Oh, cashew milk. I’m happy to have found a non-dairy milk that actually tastes good! You can’t have tea without milk! I was super relieved to learn about Convenient Veganism. The other options on the site I listed are Healthy Vegan and Adventurous Vegan (I think), and both of those sound like a lot of cooking. Blegh.

      I’ve been really pleased by the increase in LGBTQA+ books in the last few years! It’s nice to see other people excited about them, too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for participating 🙂 I enjoyed reading this a lot! Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorites. I agree with you on the whole youth thing. Churches tried and with a meaningful heart…for the most part. They should have concentrated on other areas of the youth than trying to look cool to outside kids when they were not even truly ministering to the hearts of their own.


    1. Thank you! And thanks for making the tag! It was a fun challenge.
      Yes, Totally agree about church concentration. An unfortunate consequence of the “seeker sensitive” trend was the prioritization of the “lost” over longtime church members. I know I adopted a “Who’s next?” outlook and neglected pre-established relationships.


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