Adam Parrish Appreciation Post: Our Bi King

In my Perfect Romance Novel post, I mentioned that I love bisexual bois but rarely see them in fiction.

I’d completely forgotten about The Raven Cycle‘s Adam Parrish.

(Turn back now if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

(CW: abuse)


In The Raven Boys, Adam develops a crush on Blue.

They “date” for a while, but break up in The Dream Thieves due to Adam’s anger issues.

In Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Adam admires his new (male) Latin teacher and picks up on Ronan’s crush.

In The Raven King, Adam and Ronan FINALLY KISS and IT IS NOT A THING.

Adam doesn’t have a huge coming-out moment.

He’s just bi – no justification needed.


Other great things about Adam:

  • He makes his own way in the world. Persephone calls him “The Magician” after the Major Arcana card.

    Pictured: Adam
  • He learns to accept help from his friends.
  • He recognizes Opal’s fear and befriends her.
  • He survives his abusive upbringing – one million carrots to him.


My soft boi. I am so proud of you.


Read more about Adam Parrish in Call Down the Hawk, out TODAY.

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