Subscription Box Post: Books That Matter – March 2020

I was furloughed from my job yesterday.

Knowing it was coming didn’t make the phone call from my boss any easier.

Though I have a prospective date for returning to work, I don’t know what to do in the interim.

Thankfully, two miraculous things happened:

  • I FINALLY received an order of Girl Scout Cookies after a VERY ANXIOUS WAIT and a fight with the Fedex guy. (Also, I just learned COOKIE SEASON IS OVER, so I CAN’T ORDER ANYMORE.)
  • I found my March box from Books That Matter in my mailbox.

I COMPLETELY FORGOT I’d paid for a three-month subscription from Books That Matter.


Like last time, the box arrived pretty banged up (the items survived.)

The theme for this month’s box was Votes for All Women to commemorate Women’s History Month.

(Speaking of Women’s History Month, Margaret @ Weird Zeal created an original book tag and hosted a Readathon for the month of March. READ HER POSTS.)

In the box, I received:

  • two notebooks in women’s suffrage colors (green and purple)
  • a sheet of Votes for Women stickers
  • three art prints of historical suffragettes
  • a metal hand-stamped bookmark
  • a paperback copy of Things a Bright Girl Can Do

Here are the items in more detail:


Suffrage notebooks

Designer: Monica Tuffs at Studio Egg

I got a mint one that says “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” and a purple one that says “I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion.”

They’re the perfect size: thick enough to be functional but not unwieldy.

I almost never use notebooks…but these are so cute!

Surely they’ll come in handy for something?

Or I’ll pawn them off on my neighbor. Or my writing group.


Votes for Women stickers

Designer: Rio at Literary Emporium

I have received a glut of stickers in recent months and I’m not sure what to do with all of them.

I really like these.

Green, purple, and white are a striking combo.

(You can buy this sticker sheet yourself here.)


Art prints

Designer: Mari at Myths n Tits

I think I might stick prints these on the sides of my bookshelf. That way, I can see them from my bed and BE INSPIRED DAILY.

The three prints I received depict:

  • Rosa May Billinghurst, a disabled suffragette
  • Sophia Duleep Singh, an Indian princess who became a suffragette
  • Lolita Roy, a suffragette who campaigned for the right to vote in both England and India

Each print has a brief biography on the back.

They are very cool! I love the art style!



Designer: Josie at Josie Jo Pretty Little Things

I was skeptical about this bookmark because it is MADE OF METAL.

I found I like holding it while I read and running my thumb over the letters. Who knew I was so tactile?

Also, the bookmark is decorated with ribbons in suffrage colors and stamped with the quote “Deeds Not Words.”

It’s the cutest.

I will keep using this.


Things a Bright Girl Can Do by Sally Nicholls

I did not think I would like this book, as it’s a plucky historical fiction novel.

I had my doubts about the purported representation; how intersectional could a book set in England during the 1910s be?

I started this book yesterday and I am almost finished.

The three leads are an upperclass woman, a queer middle-class Quaker, and a working class person (gender identity unconfirmed at this time.)

All of them are white, so the intersections of race and gender are not discussed.

Instead, the book discusses gender, class, and sexuality. The book touches on trans issues: one of the characters dresses as a man but may or may not identify as one.

The style is winning, the chapters are short, and the story is diving into World War I at the moment, which is a period of history I find fascinating.

Some of the events – such as the panic-buying of food and goods during the war – seem VERY RELEVANT NOW.

The letter called this Sally Nicholls’ first adult novel; it reads more like YA.

On the whole, this book won me over and I would recommend it.


That’s this month’s box!

I’m really glad I paid ahead – now I can look forward to more boxes without worrying about draining my bank account.

I really hope I head back to work soon or that the stimulus checks clear.

I’m sorry for my tardiness in responding to comments and tags! Thank you all for reading and commenting! I will get back to you sometime this week!

Next month’s box is supposed to be a two-book extravaganza celebrating Black Women’s History Month!

I hope it comes with tea!


3 thoughts on “Subscription Box Post: Books That Matter – March 2020”

  1. So sorry about your job 😦 Hope you’re able to find things to keep busy until you’re able to work again!
    And this box sounds so cool, and very on theme 😀 I’m definitely going to have to check out Things a Bright Girl Can Do!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for saying that (also….wow, it’s been a month.) I am staying sort of busy. I’m pretty glad most days to not be at work – it felt like my company was self-destructing. Hope you’re staying sane.

      I definitely recommend both the box and the book! I got my April box recently and it came with two classics with gorgeous cover art!


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