These Violent Delights Book Tag

I heard tell of These Violent Delights, a historical-fantasy retelling of Romeo and Juliet, on Twitter.

The book takes place in Shanghai and the Montagues and Capulets have been replaced by two rival gangs.


The book comes out November 17th AND there’s a preorder campaign, so that’s pretty neat.

Mieke created this book tag on her blog the little mouse that reads.

Rules below! Chaos awaits!


Juliette Cai – favourite fierce, bloodthirsty heroine

I truly, truly adored Red Hood and its main character Bisou.

She sees injustice happening and wants to make a tangible impact.

So she starts murdering dangerous wolves.

There’s a debate in the book (and in the Goodreads reviews) about whether all wolves go Bad.

I say put ’em down.

Other readers say differently.

Roma Montagov – favourite soft boi

Malik won me over in his very first POV chapter in A Song of Wraiths and Ruins.

He loves his sisters so much.

I want only good things for him.

I have 200 pages left in the book and there’s no way Malik comes out unscathed.

I am fraid.

The Scarlet Gang – a popular book you just couldn’t get into

I read Burn Our Bodies Down very quickly.

I had a hard time connecting with it, though, because of the focus on emotional abuse.

The family scenes (of which there were many) were VERY HARD TO READ, more so even than the eventual gore.

This book made me uncomfortable, but not in a way I enjoyed.

Though I like her writing style, I will probably stay away from Rory Power’s books in the future.

The White Flowers – your favorite underrated read

I wouldn’t say it’s terribly underrated, but Fangs is a delight that everyone should read.

It’s very quick, super aesthetic, and perfect for spooky season.

In a weird way, it gave me hope about love.


Shanghai – favourite book set somewhere far away from where you are

The first Lunar Chronicles book takes place in New Beijing.

The series travels to Europe, Africa, space, and eventually the moon.

It’s a wild ride.

Monstrous – book featuring a monster/monstrous character

Okay, DON’T tell anyone I told you this because you know I HATE drama, but there’s a monster of sorts in The Scapegracers.

Said monster – who I will DENY the existence of if you ever bring it up again, I mean it, Kelly – was my favorite part of the book.

They were somehow super gross yet endlessly entertaining?

Whatever, Kelly, don’t TALK about it to ANYONE.

The Madness – a book that you would choose to keep you company during quarantine

I read The Starless Sea in May and loved it so much that I bought my own copy.

I’m in the middle of several VERY GOOD BOOKS and still all I can think about is rereading Starless.

Not an exaggeration: it’s the best.

I also don’t remember where I put my copy, so…that’s a problem.

Kathleen – your favorite book featuring political intrigue

Politics plays a SURPRISINGLY LARGE PART in everyone’s favorite Drarry fic Red, White, and Royal Blue.

Weirdly, it was my FAVORITE part?

I really liked this book but Claire still has my copy and there’s a PANDEMIC happening.

Endless woe and misery for me.

Benedikt and Marshall – a ship you wish would get together *just kiss*

There’s a ship somewhere in The Poppy War, I just know it.

I’m not super invested in the ship YET, but it has potential.

Everyone in this book is busy with the war, so there hasn’t been a TON of time for romance to develop.

Dorogaya – a book that makes you weak in the knees


The romance in Cemetery Boys is staggeringly good.

I couldn’t help swooning, sighing, and sobbing during the sweeping romantic scenes.

There’s a romantic California road trip, even!

And an achingly sweet gesture that made me teary.


Bonus Question

Ripped Out Throat – a cliffhanger that made you want to rip out your own throat

I’ve made it known that the first book in The Raven Cycle is not my favorite.

There’s a lot of plodding, then a sudden climax, then…I dunno, more forest hangouts.

Then someone drops a bomb on the final page that left me blinking and wondering what just happened.

I still think about it.

As a bonus cliffhanger, the first book in the follow-up Dreamer Trilogy ends on a VERY upsetting and uncertain note.

I’m not sure I can pick up the sequel because I DON’T LIKE WHERE THINGS ARE GOING.

If historical Romeo and Juliet gang wars are your thing, preorder These Violent Delights on Bookshop or Book Depository.

Also check out these jewels that inspired elements of The Starless Sea.

Just for the heck of it, here’s the website for a Washington cidery that supports Indigenous artists and Black Lives Matter.

There’s a lot going on. Be kind to yourself.

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