TOP TEN TUESDAY: Online Resources for Book Lovers

It’s Top Ten Tuesday!

I have more opinions on this topic than I was previously aware of!

These are the bookish online resources I use most often.

You probably know about a lot of them. If not…you’re welcome, I guess.


I order most of my books from Bookshop.

Proceeds from the site benefit local bookstores.

Some indie bookstores that don’t have a website (such as Estelita’s Library in Seattle) do have a Bookshop page. Go to Bookshop and support your faves.


Storygraph tracks all my reading stats.

At the end of every month, I get charts detailing my preferred genres, star ratings, book formats, and reading moods.

It’s SO much better than Goodreads. Make the switch today.



Sometimes I hate a book and want to know if others had similar issues with the story/writing/etc.

Sometimes I need permission to DNF an okay book.

Sometimes I seek out publication and/or sequel info.

For all Goodreads’s problems, it’s still a useful site.


One of my friends shops for books exclusively on Thriftbooks. She has given me Thriftbooks cash at least once as a birthday present.

I typically use Thriftbooks when I want to purchase a book without financially benefitting a problematic author. (I do this less often than I once did.)

I also look for cheap copies of older books on here.

I bought all six Cobble Street Cousins books for $3 each and found a decent copy of New Moon after accidentally buying two copies of Twilight at a used book sale.

While not my preferred site, Thriftbooks has its uses.

Epic Reads

This is not a drill: I visit Epic Reads every single day.

They have pages and pages of bookish quizzes that I take whenever I get bored.

They also publish lists of new YA releases and cover reals.

(They used to do bookish horoscopes. Those were my favorite. Every sign got a personalized book recommendation. Alas, those are no more.)

To make up for the lack of horoscopes, Epic Reads has published multiple Taylor Swift-themed posts.

Book Riot

Book Riot has the best book-themed quizzes on the internet. I’ll die on this hill.

They also offer recommendations for any genre you can think of.

Here, I get my best queer recs, romance recs, horror recs, witchy recs, sci-fi recs, etc.

This site actually gets me in trouble – its recent horror rec list bloated my poor TBR.



Listen. BookTok has issues.

It also gives pretty good book recommendations.

BookTok got me into ACOTAR, dark romance, and spice. I’d say 90% of my current book wishlist is TikTok book recs.

I’m reading books I otherwise might have snubbed and I love that for me.


I try not to buy books from Amazon.

I do, however, keep an Amazon wishlist of the books I want most.

Said list helps me prioritize my TBR and gives my family members a place to shop for Christmas gifts.

On rare occasions, I use Amazon to buy books for internet friends. It’s a pretty handy site.


I signed up for Scribd solely to listen to the Ice Planet Barbarians series. (That didn’t end up working out for me.)

Now I’m paying about $10 a month to read new releases, fantasy bestsellers, backlist books, and…other stuff.

I’m a big fan.


Physical holds at my local library generally take forever.

Meanwhile, e-books and audiobooks are usually available right away.

This has been immensely helpful for book club, where I’m on a tight deadline.

I’m also saved the experience of having an extra unread physical book on my floor.

All in all, a win-win.

Bonus entry: Etsy has some of the best bookish fanart and loot I’ve ever purchased.

Bookish candles make my life better.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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