TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own

It’s Top Ten Tuesday again and this week I’m sharing my shopping list!

When pay day comes around, I buy bookish merchandise for escapist reasons!

Do I have a problem? Maybe!

A bookish t-shirt

Now that I am ALMOST THIRTY, I try to avoid buying graphic t-shirts.

Something something gotta look professional, also short-sleeve button-downs are clearly superior.


I love cutesy t-shirts that reference my favorite books, such as this shirt referencing Pancake Billy’s House of Pancakes from One Last Stop.


A bookish tattoo

Tattoos count as merchandise, right?

They’re like permanent merchandise.

There are moments in books that I’d like to memorialize on my body for mental health reasons.

I like being reminded of moments that touched me emotionally.

I am trying to get a Piranesi tattoo. We’ll see if it pans out.

A bookish candle

I buy candles from BriarWick pretty regularly.

They have a fun Romance Collection with everyone’s favorite tropes.

Look! An Adam Carlsen candle inspired by The Love Hypothesis!

Every candle I’ve purchased from this store smells amazing. The lavender-scented ones are my fave.

A special edition of a beloved book

I feel like the best way to honor a book I love is to own a special edition.

Sure, it’s the same book whether it’s a gold-embossed hardcover or a beat-up paperback.

Beat-up paperbacks, however, feel a lot less holy.

Also, there are books I absolutely love that have the WORST covers.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Like…what is this?

I think they deserve better.

Illustrated editions pack an especially hard punch (as long as I like the art style.)

A bookish art print

I obviously love when artists make art inspired by books they love.

I love it even MORE when authors I love make art of their own books!

ND Stevenson has an Inprnt shop with Nimona prints!! What a gem!

Now I can DECORATE my abode with art from my favorite stories!

A bookish bottle of beer

Alphabet Brewing Company produced beers inspired by the Belinda Blinked series and I want them.

(I checked the website and believe these beers have sold out. I still want them.)

I can’t justify international shipping for beer, which I don’t even like that much.

Wouldn’t it be celebratory, though, to drink beer INSPIRED by some of the worst smut ever written??

Especially while listening to the podcast???

A bookish mug

I collect themed mugs and my favorites correspond with my favorite media.

If a mug has a tricksy little image that only True Fans would understand, all the better.

A custom book jacket

Some artists create custom book jackets for books they love.

You can replace your standard book jacket with some beautiful art!

This is usually cheaper than buying a special edition and is just as pretty!

A piece of jewelry owned by a book character

“Hey, Lauren, this seems weirdly specific.”

It is! I can’t help it!

When I meet a character I love and that character wears a particular piece of jewelry, I long to own that jewelry myself.

Examples include Kyo Sohma’s bone bracelet and Ronan Lynch’s leather bracelets.

I bought a bracelet similar to Kyo’s once and learned that I hate wearing bracelets! Still worth it!

A bookish snack

I am often jealous of what characters get to experience.

In Harry Potter, there are frequent instances of Harry either missing a feast or skipping breakfast. Every time I came across one of these, I would scream, “YOU ARE RUINING THIS FOR ME.”



To combat Harry’s betrayal, I seek out foods from my favorite books, such as November cakes from The Scorpio Races or caramel popcorn from The Night Circus.

I might not be in love with a time-traveler, but I can still eat Strawberry Milkshake Pop Tarts (which I don’t even like.)

Eat Me cakes and Drink Me cordials probably won’t shrink me down, but I bet they taste great!

Pay day is coming.

I may or may not buy at least one of these items.

If someone would like to buy me a bookish beer that I won’t enjoy, go with God.

5 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Merchandise I’d Love to Own”

  1. Loved your list! I’m so with you on the graphic tees, I don’t know what it is, but I started to really not like them come my mid-twenties – I feel you on the button downs!
    I’m also trash for special editions 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like graphic tees specifically are usually lower quality T-shirts and I’m BITTER about it. I need long-lasting clothing, TARGET.

      Special editions, man. They’re trying to destroy our wallets.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The trick with graphic print t-shirts is to get a nicely fitted black blazer you can wear with them. I call this “The Media look”. It’s like an offshoot of business casual—people will assume you are a graphic designer or maybe work for a cool magazine and pass zero judgements on the printed shirt. Also, it gives you queer credentials.

    And “I am trying to get a Piranesi tattoo. We’ll see if it pans out.”
    I snort laughed.

    Liked by 1 person

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