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MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: “You’re So Beautiful” from Empire

New series! Welcome to Make-You-Cry Monday, where I explore how different entertainment can turn me into an emotional wreck!

Half the reason I love stories is finding ones that wreck me emotionally. People can tell which stories are my favorites when I have trouble talking about them without yelling or crying.

My goal every Monday is to ruin your life with a clip, passage, meme, or piece of artwork, then follow it up with something happy to make up for any emotional turmoil I may have caused.

I don’t watch the show today’s clip is from. I stumbled across it while I was taking a Zimbio quiz that necessitated some research. Even without context, I was hit by the emotion of the scene. It helps that I’m a musician and Jussie Smollett has a beautiful voice. Part of the reason the scene hits so hard is because the flashback was based off an incident from series creator Lee Daniels’ real life. It kills me to know that this is something that happens to actual people, not just fictional characters. I’ve never been a huge Terrence Howard fan, but his subtle reaction coupled with the other family members’ more positive reactions works so well in this scene.

With that, have fun crying. I do every time.

Need cheering up?
Look! A gif of Dean and Seamus from “Harry Potter” dancing at the Yule Ball!

I don’t go as crazy as Tumblr does in shipping characters. I read this is as just friends, because if women can dance together and still be considered straight, men can, too. However you interpret it, I’m encouraged by it. Huzzah for male affection!

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