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MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Vocal dissonance

A lot of times I cry not out of sadness, but confusion.

I have trouble watching today’s music video. It hurts my brain to hear that voice coming from that body. It makes no sense.

This a phenomenon called vocal dissonance, where the voice one would expect a person–say, a beautiful film star– to have is not what comes out.

I’ve asked my family members what they think George Ezra looks like. Their descriptions vary from an old black man to a crunchy, bearded, white hipster to Trevor Hall.

Another great example of vocal dissonance.

Nope. All of those are wrong. I was going to make a joke about George Ezra looking like a college kid. The guy’s only 22. I could have conceivably gone to school with this kid…if he ever lived in America.

Even his speaking voice is confusing! He sounds like Severus Snape’s son!

Agh. I can’t do this.

World not making sense?
If this clip brings a little joy to your humdrum life, I’ll feel as though my hard work ain’t been in vain for nothing.

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