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Top 10 Walk the Moon lyrics

In 2012, my brother and I were walking around in Old Navy when we heard this song. We loved that it was upbeat and had a crazy time signature and most of the lyrics were “oh oh oh.” It was basically the song described in One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” and we thought that title was fitting. Unfortunately, it was over before William could Shazam it.

Fortunately, William found the song, “Tightrope,” a few months later. Both of us were surprised to find the band, Walk the Moon, had also written the song “Anna Sun,” which played nonstop on the radio that summer. That Christmas, I bought him Walk the Moon’s first album. Countless road trips, 2 matching mohawks, and 1 awesome concert later, Walk the Moon is our favorite band.

Walk the Moon is awesome. Lead singer Nicholas Petricca has said the band’s goal is “to make people dance and feel good,” which is both noble and all I ever want from music. The four band members are excellent musicians with shockingly great hair.

Hair comparison
Eh? Ehhhh?

While working on a DIY project, I trolled the internet for ideas and found a list of inspirational Walk the Moon lyrics. I am nothing if not a copycat, hence this post. While I tried to be diverse in my choices, some lyrics spoke to me more than others, and I ended up drawing from my 5 favorite Walk the Moon songs. So here are my top 10 favorite Walk the Moon lyrics, lack of variety and all.

10. “Something in the air is giving me bad ideas, something in the air is giving me dangerous thoughts” – “Sidekick”
For me, a lot of Walk the Moon songs are slow burners. I have a few initial favorites, then, after repeated listens, I’m drawn to other (often slower) songs that I missed the first time. “Sidekick” is one of those for me.
Because of the song’s killer groove, “Sidekick” is one of the easiest Walk the Moon tracks to dance to–I love, love, love listening to it while I drive to work.
I don’t have any substantial reason for liking this lyric–I just know about nights where the air is electric and doing something crazy sounds like the best idea you’ve ever had.

9. “Sure as the setting sun, you can’t trust just anyone” – “Iscariot”
For such an upbeat band, this lyric is pretty bitter and misanthropic. And, to be honest, kind of a cliche. It’s also the kind of thing someone would say after a big betrayal–people aren’t concerned with being innovative when they’re hurting. I love “Iscariot” because it mourns lost relationships and speaks to my trust issues. Maybe I hear more truth in this lyric than it deserves, but I didn’t want to leave it off the list. Number 9 it is.

8. “You gotta risk your neck, know in your heart it will be worth it” – “Aquaman”
“Aquaman” was another slow burner. On my first listen-through of Talking is Hard, I HATED it. How dare you kaleidoscopic hipsters end this poppy dance album with a SLOW SONG!
Then I graduated from college and the lyrics took on new meaning.
I haven’t done anything super crazy since becoming a legal adult (other than going to Morocco once–holy drained bank account, Batman!). I have had to leave my friends in Ellensburg, apply for and be rejected by my dream job (twice), and search for a new community in a place I plan on leaving. Some of these things I’m still doing, and they’re hard, partly because I’m lazy and entitled and don’t want to work hard. There are times that I wonder why I should expend any effort at all.
That’s where this song speaks to me on a spiritual level. There’s a faith aspect to everything I do: I have to “know in [my] heart” that what I’m doing “will be worth it.”

7. “You know you had it coming, my friend, my friend, you know you had it coming, my brother, my brother” – “Iscariot”
This song is angsty and gorgeous and makes my mom cry. I performed it with my brother and drew on a lot of anger to deliver these lyrics, particularly, “You had it coming.” The thing that gets me is that these lyrics aren’t angry–maybe in part–but sad. The speaker isn’t surprised they’ve been betrayed, and they’re definitely bitter, but they’re also in mourning because of it.
This past year, multiple guys have had the chance to be with me and chose differently. Not just differently, but poorly. And their tendency was to be shocked that their choices hurt our friendship and their credibility. When I performed this song, there was one guy in particular that I directed this song toward. I doubt he noticed, but it made me feel better. I wanted to communicate, “I don’t like what you chose–things could have been different. But hey–you had it coming.”

6. “It’s been my fashion to keep my head dry and get my feet wet/Step by step, I’m letting you lead me towards the deep end” – “Aquaman”
Again, this song has a lot of spiritual significance for me. It’s a nice reminder that faith is a process. In the Bible or in biographies of Super Christians, I see God tell people, “Go do this crazy intense thing right now, no questions asked,” and that terrifies me. What I’m learning is that God isn’t a jerk who makes you do impossible things or jump through hoops for the heck of it. Whatever He asks me to do, I can trust He is and has been preparing me for it. Faith isn’t a succession of cliff dives–first He leads you up the hill, then He helps you out of the water after you’ve jumped.

5. “Head first into the water, and so it hits me I guess we could breathe all along” – “Aquaman”
This idea behind this lyric goes with the last one. I don’t have to doubt that God has good plans. I DO, but that doesn’t mean I SHOULD. He’s not asking me to do things only to abandon me in a bad situation and call it a “learning experience.” His plans for me are good and He is with me through all of it.

4. “Well, I learned my lesson, honey, just when you think it’s all adult swim is precisely when somebody shows you to the ocean” – “Aquaman”
Last “Aquaman” lyric, I promise. Is there a better summary of the adult life? None of us know what we’re doing, and we’re constantly finding out that we were wrong about everything! YAHOOOO! I feel like I’ve been learning a lot, and this is the moral I’m constantly relearning: “You thought that was hard? Just you wait…”

3. “Even by yourself, my love, you are something else” – “Portugal”
My brother loves this song and recently it’s become my favorite, too. What strikes me about this song is that even though it’s sad, its chorus is ultimately uplifting. This line makes me feel validated, particularly as a single woman in the church. I’m not just okay or passable on my own–I am something else. I can’t quite believe that I’ll meet someone who will tell me this and mean it, but that’s what I want.

I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows full well. Psalm 139:14

2. “And I want you, I want you, still do” – “Quesadilla”
This, to me, is such a succinct summation of what love is. You can use any meaning of the word “want”–“I want your body,” “I want you around,” “I want us to be together”–and the feeling stays the same. I’m also struck by the “still.” There’s another song I like–Paramore’s “Still Into You”–that touches me because of its use of “still.” That to me is a successful relationship–staying with someone, seeing all of their weaknesses, and still wanting them. It’s more than commitment–it’s commitment plus affection.

1. “Our Venn diagrams are one circle” – “Portugal”
I love this image more than anything. I don’t believe in soulmates (technically), but this line is a perfect description of what a soulmate might be. Beautiful and to the point, this line inspired me to embark on a DIY adventure and make a Walk the Moon-inspired vest.


For unknown reasons, this line makes my mom laugh. I love it and it was the first line I thought of when I decided to write this post.

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