Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations


We’re all searching for different things.

I tried my best to categorize some of my favorite books (and some upcoming reads) for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you find what you’re looking for.


If you love fluff…

What does a Princess in Love do when her dream boy prefers a girl who can clone fruit flies? Mia’s plan involves sexy cards and pulling the fire alarm.

Tired of trauma and constant death? In Night of Cake and Puppets, Laini Taylor and Jim DiBartolo deliver a pure love story following supercouple Mik and Zuzana on the night they finally speak.


If you love heartwarming true stories…

In Something New, Lucy Knisley recounts reuniting with her ex-boyfriend (now husband) and planning the artsiest DIY wedding of all time. It moves my very heart and soul.

The Best Party of Our Lives has THE GREATEST WEDDING IDEAS. SO GOOD. And the stories include PHOTOS of the lovely couples and their nuptials!


If you love chance encounters…

Just One Day sees American teen Allison fall for Dutch expat Willem during a magical night in Paris. Then everything goes wrong…

The Sun is Also a Star features two children of immigrants meeting in New York City and spending the day together. I am 50 pages into this novel so far. It’s giving me Leap Day and A Little Something Different vibes. This book is multiple POVs done right.


If you love banter…

My Lady Jane makes history interesting with magic, true love, and ferrets. That’s all I can tell you about it. Oh, and it’s a LOT of fun to read out loud. Better brush up on your Scottish accent.

Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like teens? Do you like Shakespearean teens? The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You turns Much Ado About Nothing into an academic rivalry between two sassy, comic-book-loving geniuses. If you love mustache humor, this book is for you.


If you love slow-burn romance…

Every October, dangerous horses crawl from the sea onto Thisby’s shores. Locals Puck Connolly and Sean Kendrick find their lives controlled by The Scorpio Races, the island’s annual killer horse race. While helping each other fight for what they need, they fall in love.

Everything Leads to You contains enough Hollywood glamour to power eight showbiz documentaries. Set design intern Emi discovers the beautiful granddaughter of a Hollywood legend and starts to hope, despite her best friend’s reservations.


If you love forbidden love…

In Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit, Jo’s father orders her back into the closet right before their family’s big move. Of course, once there, Jo meets her dream girl. Conflict ensues.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo reveals that movie star Evelyn Hugo loved…someone else. Do you like bittersweet stories about actresses trying to pass as white and straight in 1950s Hollywood? Do you like calculated Hollywood showmances? Do you like gorgeous dresses? Listen, I’ve given you a lot to go on. Just read the book.

Psssst…Matched might not hold up. I read this years and years ago. Still…if you love dystopian fiction and bristle at the thought of the government deciding who you should love, you’re in for a treat.


If you love unconventional or found families…

In Tell the Wolves I’m Home, June favors her artistic uncle over her other family members. After his death, she turns to someone unexpected.

In Saffy’s Angel, Saffy’s boisterous artist family absorbs Saffy’s new friend, who plots to help Saffy find an item she lost as a child.


If you love self-love…

Ever dumped your boyfriend and dropped out of your PhD Chemistry program? Feel burned out and underappreciated? Ever wondered how to get your life back on track? Science won’t love you back. This book will.

Arthur Less embarks on a world tour to avoid thinking about his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. He does NOT have a good time.

In Dumplin’, Willowdean can’t believe her hot coworker likes her. In an act of defiance, she signs up for the annual Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant, meets a drag queen, and befriends a wonderful cadre of nerds.


If you love bi boys…

Bi boys exist!!!! In truth, I haven’t read Autoboyography, but Jenna gave it a 5-star review. I love anything that covers faith and sexuality (and I LOVED Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit), so I’ll make time for this beautiful, beautiful book.

In The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, Henry “Monty” Montague is having a bad time. He’s in love with his best friend, his SISTER is tagging along on HIS world tour, and people keep shooting at him. Oh, and he can’t help recalling his biphobic father’s abuse. And you thought this book would be fun.


If you love asexual representation…

In Let’s Talk About Love, Alice loves cuddles, TV, and her girlfriend. Then her girlfriend dumps her for being asexual. After the breakup, Alice is horrified to have her PLUMBING TURN ON when she meets hot coworker Takumi. Should she go for it and risk getting dumped again?

In The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, Felicity Montague escapes an unwanted marriage proposal and sets out to become a doctor. Only no one, siblings included, will take her seriously…except a mysterious lady pirate.


If you love fairytale romance mixed with action…

Go read The Lunar Chronicles. No excuses.

There are four (technically six) books in the series. The above two are my favorites.

We’re talking forbidden love! Rescue romance! Bodyguard crushes! Abduction as romance! I know that last one sounds bad, but I don’t have time to explain!!


I’m taking this weekend to celebrate love with some of the books on this list (along with Ramona Blue, a book I couldn’t figure out how to categorize.)

Hope you find a new favorite book!


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations”

  1. Thank you for the shout out, love! I really appreciate it ❤ I LOVED MONTY AND PERCY!! They're super adorable. Autoboyography is definitely a great read, especially with how far the author is willing to go when it comes to discussing more "taboo" topics. Also, Tanner and Sebastian are just lovely ❤ ❤ ❤

    Great post and list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And any time – I was glad to see your review in my feed!
      I was so happy when Monty and Percy finally got together. My friend ships Finn and Poe from the newer Star Wars films and for some reason Monty and Percy remind me of them…?
      Yaaaaay! I am very excited to read it! It’s on my bookshelf staring at me. 0_0

      Liked by 1 person

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