Real Life

Happy Belated Anniversary….Again

September 3rd marked my third year of living in Seattle.

As is my habit, I completely forgot about it.

Much of the time, I really hate living here.

Here’s what happened this year that made things worse.

  • My coworker died in August after being pinned by an SUV
  • A stranger stole my purse in July; while I (thankfully) got all my stuff back, I now trust absolutely no one
  • The Methodist denomination voted against LGBTQIA+ inclusion
  • As a result, my church will likely leave the denomination
  • I ended a romantic relationship
    A close friend decided to leave the country

To combat these things, I’m trying to practice gratitude.

Here’s what happened that made my year in Seattle more bearable:

  • I came out and the world didn’t end
  • I went mostly vegan and I feel healthier
  • I cook and bake more often than I did as an omnivore
  • I upped my fiber intake and started a personalized vitamin regimen
  • I increased my involvement in the improv community
  • I made hilarious friends who love riffs, performance, and vegan food
  • I spent more time with my fantastic theater buddies watching classic films and experimental plays
  • Speaking of, I finally watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch and I loved it
  • In general, I socialize quite a bit more
  • I turned out to be a pretty decent knitter
  • I got a raise at work, which REALLY helped me out financially
  • I learned some anxiety-reduction strategies that ACTUALLY HELP
  • I cried my eyes out reading my new favorite book Red, White, and Royal Blue
  • I started watching horror movies after years of religious paranoia…and discovered my new favorite genre
  • I can talk semi-knowledgeably about BASEBALL!? Who am I!?
  • I see my parents semi-frequently
  • I write all the time
  • I will (hopefully) be moving to a different neighborhood later this fall

When I think about the above list, living here doesn’t seem so bad.

Daily life requires balancing two truths:

  1. I would like to leave Seattle in the future (for some far-off shore like…Oregon)
    1. I love the community I’ve built here
  • I’m doing my best.

    Here’s to three years in this eternally gray, overpriced, tech-obsessed, queer-friendly artist’s paradise.

    And here’s to as many more years as I can stand.

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