Knights of the Round Tag

How far will I go to avoid working on my WIP?

Well, Cori McCarthy tweeted a fan-created video book tag inspired by their book.

As you might recall, McCarthy and their fiancee Amy Rose Capetta wrote a genderbent Arthurian space book that none of you liked but I enjoyed.

Once and Future

I had to do the tag, obviously, even though I only wrote 600 words for NaNo yesterday.

Worry not – I have a Pasta Feast + Catch-up Writing Marathon scheduled tomorrow.

This is my life now.



A unique Chosen One

I’m always thrilled to see queer kids play an important role in genre fiction, so I am DOUBLY GRATEFUL FOR PATRICK NESS.

Adam Thorn from Release is a closeted Preacher’s Kid with a mysterious connection to an undead girl.

Seth from More Than This wakes up in hell or purgatory – he can’t tell – and, over the course of the narrative, flashbacks to the events that led to his death.

Neither of these is your typical Chosen One story.

Hell, for extra fun, the Chosen One in Ness’ The Rest of Us Just Live Here is unique for NOT BEING THE CHOSEN ONE.

Rest of us

Patrick Ness is the best.



Your favorite magical system

I couldn’t choose between two of my favorites.

Girls of Paper and Fire has a really creative magical caste system based on an ancient legend.

Girls of Paper and FIre

It really set the stage for the prejudice and abuse that occurs.

I also loved the use of teeth in Daughter of Smoke and Bone.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

This book also has a caste system and…and…AND…A HEAVENLY WAR.

That justifies adding “angels” to this post’s tags.



A timeless love interest

I’ve only seen the North and South miniseries; I’ve never read the actual book.

Thank goodness I DID watch the miniseries, though.





The final scene in this miniseries is a work of art.

Please take a moment to watch this (and laugh at the Sideburn Man who exits the scene on a train.)



A book with great style

Because I prefer paperbacks, I don’t often acquire fancy-looking collector’s editions.

I wish I had for Call Down the Hawk. Maggie Stiefvater decorated some of the books with her own artwork and I LOVE IT.

Call Down the Hawk

Of course I can’t find a picture, so take a peek at a copy the next time you visit the bookstore.

Thankfully, the standard hardback for Ship It is EXTRA fancy, both with and without the dust jacket.

Ship It naked.jpg

So pretty and heartwarming.



A book that challenged your mind

I read a review of His Dark Materials that claimed the series promoted child murder.

His Dark Materials

This is not the case.

The series does, however, challenge the main tenets of Catholicism.

I used to have trouble grasping the humanist/anti-religious moral of The Amber Spyglass.

I feel differently about the material now.

So far, all of the scenes in the land of the dead have been very moving.

I dare say they’re making me appreciate being alive.



A book with no romance

There’s a “twist” involving this character that subtracted from my enjoyment of the book.

I don’t know if that’s due my failing or the authors’.

All right, a book with no romance.

I pulled these books from a “No Romance YA” list that wasn’t entirely accurate, so I may be leading you astray.

I’ve read three books about police shootings and all of them had romance.

PER THE INTERNET, All-American Boys does not.

All American Boys.jpg

ALSO PER THE INTERNET, neither does The Monstrumologist.


(I did NOT make it through this book, but the rest of the series involved wendigos??)

(General PSA: don’t eat human flesh.)



A fantastic sibling relationship

One of my favorite ever children’s books follows two sisters who’ve recently lost their mother.



This book is the best and I need a copy.


As of today, I am 3000 words behind.

This morning, I wrote 674 words.

I would write more, but I have a ticket to Frozen II.

This tag was a lovely distraction. Highly recommend.

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