Anticipated Releases Book Tag

I took stock of all the books I want to read and y’all….

…there are so many good books coming out this year!

I’m excited.

Lori tagged me in this and she has an equally-exciting list of her own.

Listen, 2020 is going to be a good year for books.



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Your most anticipated release of the year:

I admire Noelle Stevenson a lot.

When I found out she had an illustrated memoir coming out, I added that book to my TBR so fast.

The Fire Never Goes Out releases in just a few months!

I’m really looking forward to it.


A book you are not anticipating:

I’m really worried about the possible moral of Katie Cotugno’s You Say It First.

Please tell me you aren’t trying to “both sides” feminism.

From what little I know of the plot, the boy says something really awful to the girl while angry, but it’s all one big misunderstanding!

Cool your jets, fellow feminists! Men might say things, but they don’t mean them!

I am equally uninterested in Jennifer Dugan’s second novel, Verona Comics.

Verona Comics.jpg

I think I called Hot Dog Girl a three-star read last year.

It was more of a two-star read for me.

I was really disappointed.

This book sounds like a Romeo and Juliet retelling; normally I would be into that, but I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN.


Most underhyped anticipated release:

I am VERY excited about The Sound of Stars, but I haven’t seen a lot of hype about it.

It’s a demisexual sci-fi love story about androids and pop music!!

What’s not to love??


A book you’ve been waiting on forever:

I’ve been waiting on My Calamity Jane since 2018.

I LOVE the Lady Janies and I wish their books appeared out of the ether fully-written whenever I wanted one.

I’m not familiar with the story of Calamity Jane, but I’m pumped nonetheless!


A book you’re anticipating that’s out of your comfort zone:

Here are two books I am both excited and worried about.

The Circus Rose is a retelling of Snow White and Rose Red set in a circus.

Snow White and Rose Red is my favorite fairy tale, so this is prime Lauren content.

HOWEVER, I never recovered after reading The Night Circus and Tender Morsels, two books that involved a circus and/or a bear.

Wait…why is the bear on fire?

Is this a retelling of Midsommar?

I would also like to read The Shadows Between Us, which is billed as a Slytherin romance.

I’m generally not great with romances and I have mixed feelings about Tricia Levenseller.

Fingers tightly crossed.


Your top 3 ‘can’t-wait’ books of the year:




#1: Ruinsong by Julia Ember


Seattle-based writer publishing a magical f/f retelling of Phantom of the Opera? SOLD.


#2: The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos


This book was likened to The Raven Cycle and is about magical queer witch boys. YES.


#3: This Coven Won’t Break by Isabel Sterling

This Coven Won't Break

WE’RE BACK, WITCHES. That is the tagline to a completely different book, but I am USING IT TO GET HYPE FOR THIS SEQUEL. GIVE IT TO ME.


Top 5 most anticipated backlist books on your TBR:

I really have to pare down my backlist this year.

I was ABOUT to, and then I bought more BOOKS.

I am DETERMINED to read the following:

#1: Small Town Hearts by Lillie Vale

Small Town Hearts



#2: Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor


After the disaster that was The Rise of Skywalker, I want better, queerer space adventures.


#3: Crier’s War by Nina Varela

Crier's War

Is this an enemies-to-lovers/forbidden love situation?? OH HO HO. (Also, the cover is textured and gorgeous.)


#4: The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson

Vanishing Stair

I was specifically waiting for the paperback release before I read this. Now that it’s OUT, I can FINALLY continue the mystery.


#5: Black Moon Rising by Frankie Rose

Black Moon Rising

This book is (allegedly) a hastily-rebranded Reylo fanfic. I’ll take it.


Top 3 most anticipated reads for next year:

I went on a 2021 panic-fueled book search and found the most excellent books!


#1: The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin

From what I understand, witches fight climate change with elemental magic. I don’t want to be wrong.


#2: Bad Girls Never Say Die by Jennifer Mathieu

Hello, Jennifer Mathieu! Welcome back to the blog! My brief scan of the plot alluded to a girl revenge gang. Yep, yep, on board, yes.


#3: Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley

I’ve been excited about this one for a while. F/f witch book, fam. I HAVE to.


We’re only 12 days into the new year and I’ve pared down my TBR not at all.

Time to read like there’s no tomorrow.

Was I supposed to tag people?

Consider yourself tagged.

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