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November Wrap-Up: I initially wrote “September,” so that’s where I am emotionally

I would really like for this year to end already.

It took me three days to realize the month had changed.

November was pretty quiet.

I researched autism this month and ended up self-diagnosing. Autism explains most, if not all, of my childhood and adolescence.

I also learned to love romance again, but that’s a story for later.

Here are last month’s stats.

November Stats

In November, I completed a total of 12 books and DNFed 2 books.

Of the books I read,

  • 56% were fiction
  • 37% were non-fiction
  • 7% were graphic novels
  • 79% were new books
  • 21% were rereads
  • 38% were Young Adult
  • 62% were Adult

My average rating for the month was 3.96.

Honestly, not too bad.

I’m still fine-tuning my rating system.

For my rating breakdown:

  • 2.5-star reads: 1 book
  • 3-star reads: 2 books
  • 3.5-star reads: 3 books
  • 4-star reads: 1 book
  • 4.5-star reads: 1 book
  • 5-star reads: 4 books
  • Unrated reads: 2 books

3.96 is a decent rating on Goodreads. I don’t know why I expected a higher number.

This month’s genre breakdown shows that I am completely predictable.

Genre breakdown pie chart:
Fantasy: 42.9%
Memoir/essays: 28.6%
Self-help: 14.3%
Romance: 7.1%
Literary: 7.1%

Fantasy and memoir are my comfort genres. I shall not budge from these.

I read some books that I want to talk about.

Let’s gossip.

Notable Books

Autism resources

I read on an autism forum that Tania Marshall was a good resource.

That recommendation was incorrect.

I Am Aspien Woman: The Unique Characteristics, Traits and Gifts of Adult Females on the Autism Spectrum by Tania A. Marshall

I Am AspienWoman is a powerpoint turned paperback. The organization was chaotic and I found almost no helpful information.

I DNFed this clunker with few regrets.

Aspergirls by Rudy Simone was better, if a bit dated.

Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome by Rudy Simone

The author was slightly anti-meds and included some out-of-place spiritual content.

Autism is neurological. Maybe leave out phrases like “positive energy” and “autism is a blessing” in your next book.

Twilight thoughts

(CW: grooming, pedophilia)

Eclipse is the wildest book in The Twilight Saga…so far.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, Author of the New York Times Bestsellers Twilight and New Moon

I have so many thoughts and feelings about Stephenie Meyer’s choices.


Really, EVERY character is.

One of the few characters I liked was a Confederate soldier! And no one saw a problem with this!

Rosalie and Leah were the most relatable and everyone HATED them!

Meyer’s intended love triangle accidentally made a great case for non-monogamy!

Oh, and let’s not forget that Jacob’s pack brother imprints on a CHILD.

That’s not Blue and Orange Morality – that’s GROSS.

This book was INTENSE…and not always in a good way.

Too tired for chaos

So…I heard Beyond the Ruby Veil pitched as “chaos lesbian ruins everything” or some such.

Beyond the Ruby Veil by Mara Fitzgerald

The book is pure chaos, as advertised.

I was not a fan.

Plot-wise, everything was in flames most of the time.

Not too long ago, my country was on fire literally and figuratively.

I’m too tired for this much distress.

Friends describe me as chaotic, but this book went way harder than I ever could.

Romances are good, actually

(Minor spoilers for Ghost Wood Song)

I read four books with slow-burn romances and I loved each and every one.

Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters: Some secrets aren't meant to stay buried.

Ghost Wood Song did NOT pair Shady with the toxic friend and instead found her a nice cowboy.

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin gave me the slowest of slow burns and created a heart-pounding set-up for book two.

It also introduced a really compelling romantic rival and a kickass grief plot.

The time it took me to finish this book was well worth it.

Ruinsong by Julia Ember: Her voice was her prison... Now it's her weapon.

Ruinsong had everything: a plot inspired by a Broadway musical, a creative magic system, fat representation, and girls in love.

Also, ponies.

I had a great time reading it.

Written in the Stars: A Novel by Alexandria Bellefleur

Written in the Stars got me right in the feelings.

Elle is tired of being rejected. Darcy is afraid of being cheated on again.

At least one of them is on-the-page bi.

They have supportive friends.

They tour Seattle landmarks.

I loved it with all my heart.

The reason I brought up these books: I wrote this post a few years ago.

At the time, I was very tired of specific romance dynamics (still am, actually.)

The above four books showed me that you CAN write healthy/interesting/compelling romances without resorting to harmful stereotypes.


This is Major is major

This is Major is one of the best books I’ve read all year.

This is Major: Notes on Diana Ross, Dark Girls, and Being Dope by Shayla Lawson

Shayla Lawson’s writing is beautiful – she opens and closes the book with her own poems.

From Lawson, I learned a shit-ton about the lives, experiences, and contributions of dark-skinned Black women.

Read this book. I gave it 5/5 stars, but really it’s 10/5.



Did I finish Shuggie Bain?

(CW: rape)

Lol, no.

Shuggie Bain: A Novel by Doulas Stuart

This book was bleak.

At the halfway point, not long after the book’s second rape scene, I gave up. I knew worse was coming and I wasn’t interested.

I gave it back to the friend who lent it to me and said, “I did my best.”

That was November.

I didn’t think I was tired, but I feel like an absolute lump at the moment.

Time for some restorative HBO.

Stay warm and safe, all.

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