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April Wrap-Up: Springtime School Daze

May the Fourth be with you!

I won’t lie: this week has been difficult.

For me, things in general have been difficult. I’ve had a lot of anxiety about school, COVID, future plans, and whatnot.

I hope you are all surviving.

Last month, I did schoolwork, went to a gender reveal party (I’M HAVING A NIECE), and tormented my friend’s housemates.

I also did some reading. A little bit. A fair amount.

April Reading Stats

In April, I completed 12 books.

Of the books I read,

  • 67% were fiction
  • 25% were nonfiction
  • 8% were graphic novels
  • 42% were physical books
  • 50% were audiobooks
  • 8% were e-books
  • 8% were Young Adult
  • 84% were Adult
  • 8% were Middle Grade
  • 75% were new books
  • 25% were rereads

Fantasy and romance reign supreme.

April 2022 Genre Breakdown pie chart

I apparently read adventurous and reflective books? Who would have thought?

Is the dragon book responsible for this?

Reading Moods pie chart

Because I have been DNFing so much, my monthly rating has SKYROCKETED.

4.06!! UNHEARD OF!

Star ratings bar chart

I really enjoyed the books I read last month.

A solid crop, those.

Notable Books

Most of the books I read last month can accurately be described as INTENSE.

(In reread news, Piranesi is even more perfect than it was the first time I read it.)

I FINALLY finished House of Sky and Breath at the beginning of the month.

House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas


Crescent City is my Marvel.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for Big Stories with Big Feelings and Crescent City delivers.

The many revelations in the final quarter of the book rocked my world.

The end had me screaming and sobbing for hours. I’m so glad I didn’t get spoiled.

I finally read State of Wonder. I’m not sure if it was worth it.

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

I was really into it at first, though I was confused about what the book was going for. Was it an inspirational travelogue? Was it about Finding Yourself in an unexpected place? Were these unfair assumptions I made because the book was written by a woman?

I would have been more into it were it not for the ending.

I thought the book leaned hard into “introspective tragedy” for no reason. This is my least favorite feature of literary fiction. I don’t know why I expected anything different.

Also, Dr. Annick Swenson fully sucked. This is not a knock against the book; I just hated this woman with every fiber of my being. Someone this hypocritical does NOT get to be equally self-righteous.

Why am I so mad? For that, I will be dipping into major spoilers.

(MAJOR SPOILER for State of Wonder ahead)

Dr. Swenson advocated a non-interference policy for dealing with the natives. She got all high and mighty about it with Marina. She used the word “actually” a bunch and generally acted superior.

Then we find out that Dr. Swenson was asked to heal a dying child.

When the parents came to collect their kid, Dr. Swenson told them he died.

The child, in fact, survived. Dr. Swenson decided to raise him herself and never inform the parents. She claimed that this was in the child’s best interest.



I YEARNED for her death. It did not happen.


I finished The Eye of the World.

It was an experience.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

I liked it enough to continue reading the series.

I live-texted my reactions to my brother. We giggled over Lan’s “shifting” cloak and Robert Jordan’s seeming inability to write female characters.

The Wheel of Time isn’t perfect. It is fun, though.

I came across two potential 2022 favorites: The Dragon’s Bride and The Bone Orchard.

Both books deal with trauma and healing from abuse, which I was NOT EXPECTING FROM MONSTER FUCKER EROTICA.

This book about a SEXY DRAGON did a better job discussing consent that pretty much any book I have ever read.

I can’t express how badly I want an Azazel book.

The Bone Orchard incorporated Dissociative Identity Disorder into a fantasy murder mystery.

I am doing my best not to overhype it.

That said, I loved it.

I think it really worked as a character study.

I loved the way it explored trauma with compassion and honesty.

There was also what I have been referring to as a Non-Binary Surprise that made my month.

Please, please check out content warnings before picking up this book. There’s some rough stuff.

My Piranesi tattoo is in limbo currently.

I am delving into rereads to keep my head from spinning off.

I am halfway through my final class. I WILL get through this.

Things are still rough out there. I hope you all are staying safe.

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