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Subscription Box Post: Fairy Loot – March 2020

I FINALLY RECEIVED MY VERY FIRST SINGLE-PURCHASE FAIRY LOOT BOX AND I COULDN'T BE MORE THRILLED. Fairy Loot, allegedly the "#1 Fantasy Book Subscription Box," is a UK-based company that offers monthly themed boxes containing recent YA fantasy releases and bookish goodies. I've been wanting to buy a Fairy Loot box forever but never felt… Continue reading Subscription Box Post: Fairy Loot – March 2020

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello and welcome! It's the Sunshine Blogger Award! I was tagged by Emily at Embuhleeliest. I've seen Emily around the blogosphere and done some of her original tags (including the excellent Pixar Book Tag), but we only recently started following each other. Emily stays up-to-date on manga, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her posts are hilarious and… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award