10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #9: Write about a favorite ship

As a rule, I don’t believe in Relationship Goals. No couple inspires me enough that I want a relationship like theirs. With most ships, the details of their union leave me thinking, “That would never work for me.”

That isn’t, however, true of all my favorite ships.

Scanning my bookshelf, I found a couple I actually DO admire.

And that is…Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley.

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Why does this couple work?

  • They started as friends
    George and Emma enjoy each other’s company.
  • They respect each other
    Enough to disagree without it ruining their friendship. Also, despite their age difference, George treats Emma as a competent adult, not a silly girl.
  • They choose honesty over politeness
    Both characters hold so much status, it’s rare someone calls either of them out for bad behavior. Good thing they have each other.
  • They resolve conflict
    Both characters take turns apologizing to one another – their friendship is too important to let disagreements go unresolved.
  • They accept each other
    George doesn’t display the disgusting attitudes I’ve heard from other couples; he never says of Emma, “She doesn’t have any flaws!” or, “I can fix her,” or, “I can’t stay mad at her – she’s just so cute!”
    George’s view of Emma is more realistic: though disappointed in her snobbery and treatment of others, he still loves and appreciates who she is.

Defend Pride and Prejudice all you want – THIS is Austen’s best ship.

I mean…come on.

Image result for emma mr knightley gif

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