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The Music Genre Book Tag: Volume 2

Who loves music? I LOVE MUSIC.

That is all the intro I have left in me.

Thanks to For the Lover of Books and The Book Princess for creating and continuing this tag.

Celtic Punk

Favorite Obscure Book/Book with a Non-Western Setting

The obscure books I like are too obscure for even ME to remember. (And, in that sentence, I fully became a Seattle-ite.)

Non-Western, though…I’m gonna go weird.

I like Brideshead Revisited.

Image result for brideshead revisited book
I’m ALMOST positive this is the copy I read in high school.

I will likely have to revisit this book, as I read it in high school and missed all the important religious symbolism.

Super loved how the film version turned a story about class and religion into a boring love triangle.

But also…Ben Whishaw.

I’m looking at IMDB: Matthew Goode was in the film? And Hayley Atwell? WHAT WAS I DOING IN 2008?



Favorite classic/book that should become a classic


Emma is my actual favorite.

Image result for emma flexibound

I don’t read very many classics.



A powerful book

Oooh…this could have been my obscure book.

Image result for what came from the stars

What Came From the Stars ended PERFECTLY.

Tears were shed. Hearts were clasped.


Cover Songs

Favorite retelling


Image result for cinderellis and the glass hill

It’s cool, Gail Carson Levine, I’ll let you stick around.

I love this book for weird reasons.

When I read it in third grade, a boy Cinderella (with ugly stepbrothers – so clever!) was a novelty.

Cinderellis…somehow…traps and trains three magic horses. After that, I was hooked. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE HORSE LITERATURE.

Then Cinderellis used science to climb a glass hill to win the hand of a beautiful princess…

It was a weird story, but I checked it out over and over again until my parents made me switch schools. (Not because of the book; my dad got a job at a private school.) The “library” at my new Christian school only had biblical allegories and survival stories (also, GHOST STORIES? The hell?)



Favorite Book to Movie Adaptation/Adapted Book

So I hated Stardust the book. Or disliked. Misunderstood? Neil Gaiman’s not for me, man.

Image result for stardust book
UGH, what is this COVER?


For me, the exploits of gay pirate Robert de Niro and the final battle against Michelle Pfeiffer made up for the book’s pointless melancholy.

Also…WHY IS HENRY CAVILL IN THIS MOVIE? (And why can’t he wink?)

Image result for stardust henry cavill wink gif


Rock and Roll

An Action Packed Book

(Spoilers spoilers spoilers)

Image result for dreams of gods and monsters

Oh, cool, sequel time?

Gotta go kill the resistors!

Gotta protect the sheep beasts!

Gotta go on a suicide mission!

Gotta fight off an attacker!

Gotta escape the desert!

Gotta assassinate the general!

Gotta blow up the citadel!

Gotta mourn my brother’s death because I didn’t grab his soul even though I should have THOUGHT OF THAT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, AKIVA?

A lot happened in this book. I needed a nap afterward.



A Book with a Pretty Cover that You Lost Interest In

First of all, RUDE. I LOVE pop music.

Second of all, this book?

Image result for rebel of the sands

SO boring.



Favorite Seasonal Book

Is reggae SEASONAL, though?

Of my Pride Month faves, I like You Know Me Well best.

Image result for you know me well

La Cour’s Everything Leads to You is a close second.



A Historical Fiction Book That Wasn’t For You/ You Loved

This book takes place in the recent past, but it still counts.

I sobbed through Tell the Wolves I’m Home.

Image result for tell the wolves i'm home


AIDS sucks and people are terrible.

But also…hope and art and redemption and stuff.


Gold nail polish.

I recommend this book to everyone.

6 thoughts on “The Music Genre Book Tag: Volume 2”

  1. Thanks for doing the tag! I haven’t actually seen many people do it.

    I haven’t read the book, but Stardust is a movie I desperately need to rewatch.

    Sorry for the pop music diss. It’s very obviously not me favourite genre, and I wasn’t really sure how to make a prompt for it as a person who didn’t actively listen to it.

    I associate reggae with summer just because of how my dad introduced different reggae artists to my family, but it may not have been the best prompt.


    1. I can’t really blame you for the pop music prompt. Much as I love pop, I know it’s a pretty repetitive genre.

      That makes more sense about reggae. I hear “seasonal” and my brain gets stuck in Christmas and/or fall, even though summer is a season. That’s my fault – I missed the logical association you made.

      This was a fun tag! Thanks again for making it and I hope more people do it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope I didn’t come off as super defensive. I just figured I’d clarify some things I didn’t clarify in the original. I honestly kind of forgot I even made this tag.


      2. Not at all – I appreciate the clarification and would have done the same thing. I’m sorry for the harsh tone in my post – I was rereading it going, “Welp…that sounded worse than I intended…”

        Liked by 1 person

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