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Bookish Academy Awards

Was anyone else disappointed by this year’s Academy wins?

Did the feel-good, white-guy centered, historical race drama seriously win Best Picture?

I had to leave a REALLY GREAT Oscars party to go to improv class.

When I checked the results later, I couldn’t believe it.

SO MANY good movies came out this last year and the TWO WORST ONES won the bulk of the awards.



I found this WONDERFUL Academy Awards-inspired tag made by Margaret at  Weird Zeal.

To simplify things, I’m limiting nominees to books that I read in February.

Here are my 2019 Bookish Academy Awards.


Best Actor in a Leading Role –> Best Male Protagonist

Let’s start this ceremony with an upset: Romeo from Romeo and/or Juliet takes this round!


I love Romeo for being so insufferable and useless. Despite these traits, he cracks a few good jokes and becomes a wonderful husband and father later on.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role –> Best Male Secondary Character

Ben West from The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You is my ultimate Book Boyfriend.


He’s sassy, brave, and loyal AND…he grows a handlebar mustache, which is amazing.

He also SHAVES OFF HIS HANDLEBAR MUSTACHE for the girl he loves.

And then he buys her a Doctor Who figurine as a graduation gift…



Best Actress in a Leading Role –> Best Female Protagonist




I LOVED this book to no end.

Felicity’s ambitious internal monologues and desire to find a seat at the table stirred my soul.

She’s brave in the face of battle and capable as all hell.

I. Love. Her.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role –> Best Female Secondary Character

I chose Vieve, the 9-year-old French pervert from Etiquette and Espionage.

Starring…Kiera Knightley?

She’s a scruffy, precious inventor who displays impressive fashion knowledge.

She has the CUTEST mannerisms.

I loved every scene she was in.


Best Documentary Feature –> Best Nonfiction Book

Alice Bolin’s Dead Girls: Surviving an American Obsession made me feel at home.

dead girls

Bolin describes the loneliness of her early twenties so well.

I loved this essay collection.


Best Animated Film –> Best Graphic Novel

I don’t know that Romeo and/or Juliet qualifies as a traditional graphic novel, but it IS illustrated!

Romeo Juliet

It’s also a choose-your-own-adventure novel, which is practically the same thing.

Ryan North made Romeo and Juliet interesting again with more sex jokes and tons of brunch references.

He even included several Mad Libs-style choose-your-own sex scenes.

This book is…not for kids.


Best Visual Effects –> Best Book Cover

I recognize that The Argonauts is objectively well-written, but it wasn’t for me.


The cover, though, is a favorite of mine.


Best Adapted Screenplay –> Best Retelling

I reread The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You and it’s STILL SO GOOD.


Notice this book did NOT win Best Book Cover.


Best Cinematography –> Best Worldbuilding

The worldbuilding in This Savage Song was so deft.

Savage Song

It took my a while to catch on, but I loved how slowly the world developed.

It reminded me of Mad Max: Fury Road in that I felt I got enough detail to fill in any gaps.

I’m excited for the sequel.


Best Director –> Best Author

Did a woman write personal essays about living in a big city whilst also examining media messages about women?

dead girls

One did?

Automatic win for Alice Bolin.


Best Picture –> Best Book

February’s winner toppled two of my early favorites.

I keep double-checking the envelope. The results stay the same.

Best Book goes to The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy.


This book had everything I love. ON TOP OF THAT, it included an ace romance and a loyal dog.

The narrative was packed with meaningful quotes.

This was, without question, the book I enjoyed the most.


What about you?

Did you vote differently?

Did you like Green Book?

Hate Green Book?

Would you like to take The Argonauts off my hands?

Let me know below.

5 thoughts on “Bookish Academy Awards”

  1. AHHH YAY I’m so happy you did this tag! 😄 And Felicity Montague is my QUEEN 😍 She absolutely deserves best protagonist and best book!! I felt much the same way about The Argonauts – not for me, but an eye catching cover! I didn’t watch the Oscars this year and wasn’t super invested in any of the outcomes, but even I was annoyed by the best picture choice when I heard about it 😒

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was such a fun tag! Aaaaaah we stan Felicity Montague. She is SO GREAT. I think that’s why I bought The Argonauts initially? The premise was interesting and it was really pretty…and then it was all philosophy. Whoops. I just…didn’t think Green Book would win, and then it DID.


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