Bookish Academy Awards 2020

The Academy Awards for film just happened and I! LOVE! A BANDWAGON!

I did this tag last year, but I wanted to honor the books of 2019 in a formal way.

Let me consult my giant spreadsheet of 2019 reads.

And the winner is…

Movie award

Best Actor in a Leading Role ➡️ Best Male Protagonist

This was a sparse category.

Of the few male protagonists introduced in 2019, Rufus from They Both Die at the End gave a stunning performance as a bi boi living it up on his last day on Earth.

They Both Die at the End

His acceptance speech had the entire room in tears.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role ➡️ Best Male Secondary Character

There were some rumblings that the following character actually played a LEAD role in his book; people are still upset.

Even I’m surprised by this win; it’s a dark horse victory from a character no one expected.

The award for Best Male Secondary Character belongs to Declan Lynch.

Call Down the Hawk

He is perfect and pure and has excellent taste in shoes.

Though many consider Declan bland, he gave a perfectly pleasant acceptance speech that lasted an appropriate amount of time, HINT HINT JOAQUIN PHOENIX.


Best Actress in a Leading Role ➡️ Best Female Protagonist

Artemisia Gentileschi’s story in Blood Water Paint knocked out everyone who read it.

Blood Water Paint

She channeled her trauma into art.

During her acceptance speech, Artemisia stood up for those whose voices aren’t heard or believed.

She’s a hero.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role ➡️ Best Female Secondary Character

People can’t stop gushing about Gemma from These Witches Don’t Burn.

These Witches Don't Burn

Loyalty goes a long way with audiences and Gemma is as loyal as they come.

She’s a top-notch wingwoman, pal, and ally.

ZERO judgment from Gemma’s corner.

Oh, and she dances beautifully.

Performer of the YEAR.

Gemma tripped on her way up to the stage, but she did it so gracefully no one made fun of her for it.


Best Documentary Feature ➡️ Best Nonfiction Book

On November 5th, 2019, readers started screaming about In the Dream House and haven’t stopped.

In the Dream House

Of the many amazing nonfiction books read during 2019, this book blew them all away.

Carmen Maria Machado wasn’t present to accept her award, though she filmed a short horror film to play in lieu of her speech.

She’s the best.


Best Animated Film ➡️ Best Graphic Novel

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me won last year’s Golden Globe for Best Graphic Novel.

In a surprise turn, DC Comics swooped in for the win with DC Bombshells by Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage.


The Academy loves a period piece.

Batgirl came up to accept the award IN UNIFORM. It was VERY exciting.

The cast of this graphic novel will inspire little girls for years to come.


Best Visual Effects ➡️ Best Book Cover

We stan a minimalist.

high heel

The cover art! The simplicity!

This book also packs a powerful punch. It’s glorious.

Summer Brennan accepted her award in flats and no one blamed her one bit.


Best Adapted Screenplay ➡️ Best Retelling

There were some rumblings in the reading community about this nomination.

Some people felt that a fictionalized memoir presented as a novel shouldn’t qualify for Best Retelling.

To which I say…Jeanette Winterson included some retold fairytales in her barely-fictionalized memoir.

Whatever. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit broke my heart so cleanly.


It wins. No questions asked.

Jeanette Winterson promoted her new book during her speech.

You know what? I’ll allow it. Her entire bibliography is still shorter than Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speech.


Best Cinematography ➡️ Best Worldbuilding

Magic for Liars sucked readers into a magical world that they didn’t want to leave.

Magic for Liars

I absolutely buy this version of magical noir.

Author Sarah Gailey accepted the award and refused to answer questions about a sequel or a companion novel.

Readers were outraged.


Best Director ➡️ Best Author

Lana Wood Johnson won with her YA debut Technically, You Started It.


In her speech, she mentioned Korean dramas, bisexual representation, and demisexuals being mislabeled “late bloomers.”

Not since Dustin Lance Black have audiences heard such a moving, validating speech.


Best Picture ➡️ Best Book

2019 was a great year for books.

Voting was very tough and the results were very close.

It came down to a number of factors: novelty, fan reaction, and star power.

With that said…Best Book of 2019 was Red, White, and Royal Blue.

No one was surprised.


Author Casey McQuiston came onstage to thank voters and to remind everyone that this book is NOT YOUNG ADULT.

The Academy then showed a clip of one of the book’s graphic sex scenes.

Best way to end an awards show.

Movie award

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I think we’re done talking about 2019 now.



Good night and good luck!

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    1. This tag is really fun – worth doing twice!! Haha that’s a good goal! I feel the same way – I am just now catching up on stuff everyone else was raving about. Like, I am finally reading King of Scars. Only seven months late?

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