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May Wrap-Up



Once again, I don’t really remember the month gone by.

I experienced things but I DID NOT REMEMBER THEM.

I did get my second vaccine and am now fully inoculated, so there’s that.

Oh, I also started a new Stardew file and married Sebastian.

He’s the greatest.

We’re raising frogs together.

Let’s talk about books.

May Stats

In May, I completed 21 books and DNFed 3 books.

I read even more graphic novels than I did in April.

I enjoyed most of them.

Of the books I read,

  • 62.5% were fiction
  • 12.5% were nonfiction
  • 25% were graphic novels
  • 83% were physical books
  • 13% were audiobooks
  • 4% were ebooks
  • 21% were Young Adult
  • 67% were Adult
  • 12% were Middle Grade
  • 87.5% were new books
  • 12.5% were rereads

I can’t believe how much adult fiction I’m reading.

Also, middle grade is sneaking in there? WILD.

The genre breakdown is here and fantasy is king.

May 2021 Genre Breakdown Pie Chart

Fantasy: 23.3%
LGBTQIA+: 16.3%
Comics: 11.6%
Science fiction: 7.0%
Romance: 7.0%
Contemporary: 7.0%
Feminism: 4.7%
Historical: 4.7%
Literary: 2.3%
Horror: 2.3%
Essays: 2.3%

Just gay fantasy comics all day.

My average rating for May went up from last month. You’ll notice it’s not quite 4.0 stars. Blame Plain Bad Heroines for that.

Star ratings bar chat
21 reviews

Average rating: 3.93 stars

2.0 stars: 1 book
2.5 stars: 1 book
3.0 stars: 2 books
3.5 stars: 2 books
4.0 stars: 7 books
4.5 stars: 6 books
5 stars: 2 books

Look! Those are mostly positive reviews!

I found a couple new favorites during the month, which made me happy.

Compared to April, I read a ton of adventurous books in May.

Moods of Books Read Pie Chart
21 books, 5269 pages

Adventurous: Value 12
Mysterious: Value 5
Lighthearted: Value 5
Dark: Value 5
Challenging: Value 5
Emotional: Value 4
Reflective: Value 3
Funny: Value 3
Tense: Value 2
Informative: Value 2
Hopefule: Value 1

I have a lot of books lined up for this month. Not sure what the mood breakdown will be for those.

Next month’s graph should be interesting.

Notable Books

I read at least one excellent book a week last month.

Piranesi gave me my first great tattoo idea. I burst into tears over the last line.

The Ones We’re Meant to Find smacked me in the face with an excellent twist.

Can We All Be Feminists? broadened my perspective on what constitutes a “feminist” issue. Also, the writing in it is phenomenal.

The Echo Wife broke me. I kind of want a copy and also never want to see this book again.

The Companion gave me an unconventional happy ending when I really needed one. (Does that mean I like historical fiction now?)

A Taste of Honey started off weird only to TURN IT ALL AROUND. I was wowed.

I liked Winter’s Orbit so much, I went out and bought a physical copy immediately after finishing the audiobook.

Beetle and the Hollowbones made me laugh very, very hard. Toward the end, I criiiied.

Supermutant Magic Academy was bizarre and surreal. I found it hilarious.

I finally finished Winterkeep and it was worth it. Like with Piranesi, the final line made me burst into tears. My friend Rogier says Cashore is writing even more Graceling Realm books and I’m NOT READY.

While I liked many of the books I read last month, I found others disappointing.

I could write a novel-length essay, replete with footnotes, about why and how much I hate Plain Bad Heroines. There was some biphobia I didn’t care for, for one. In terms of horror, it’s not that nothing happened – it’s that nothing MATTERED. The journey didn’t matter, the characters didn’t matter, the flashbacks didn’t matter – all of it was pointless. I wasted 18 hours of my life on this book.

The Intimacy Experiment lost me in its final act. I thought the characters’ inner conflicts were really interesting and I thought the book was setting up a showdown involving those things. Instead, one of the characters lost their job, so the couple was forced to break up. This was followed by a rushed resolution with an unsatisfying happily ever after. I’m less stoked about Danan’s The Roommate now.

A lot of queer readers like Kim Reaper. I did not. I didn’t think the jokes were very good. I still don’t know what the line is between jokes that are funny and jokes that are trying too hard. I just know that these jokes felt forced to me.

I KNOW a lot of people love The Invisible Life of Addie Larue! I KNOW both characters in the main romance are bi! I know Henry is supposedly a soft boy! I COULD NOT STAND THIS BOOK! I bailed 1/4 of the way in! I was not having a good time!

My friend Nikita moved away, so we’re starting a long-distance book club.

First book: One Last Stop! (My copy just shipped!)

I also joined a readathon called Clearursht1.5 that starts today. I have a bunch of books lined up for that, including Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

We’ll see next month how that went.

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