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The Library Lover’s Book Tag

Some of my books are due soon, which will necessitate a trip to the local library four blocks down. It's a tiny place, smaller than the one I visited in Arlington, VA. I seem to always get there when the after-school club arrives; they hog the computers and scream at each other about flash games.… Continue reading The Library Lover’s Book Tag


Book Betrayals: A List of Past Hurts, pt. 5

While making my last few lists, I realized I'd had a pretty good life. The bulk of my book betrayals occurred after I turned 18; I couldn't recall any hurtful childhood reads. Then I remembered. There were betrayals, all right. And they started early.   Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan I was 6 when the school… Continue reading Book Betrayals: A List of Past Hurts, pt. 5