Star Wars: The Spoilers Awaken

WARNING: Star Wars: Force Awakens spoilers everywhere.



It’s been three days since I watched Force Awakens. This is the critical period: I can go from loving a movie to hating it in three days’ time. Somewhere between reading up on Tvtropes and writing fanfic, my movie experience gets ruined by something as simple as not finding the POP! figurine of my favorite character.

I still love Force Awakens. In fact, I love it more than when I first saw it.

(It’s a temperament thing. I’m a delayed reactor. Only now am I tearing up about things that I laughed at in the theater.)

Now that I’ve seen the movie, digested it, and read everyone else’s wrong opinions on the YMMV page, it’s time to talk about the movie’s more controversial elements.

You know. The ones deserving of spoiler tags.

Let’s start with the most controversial of them all.

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