Star Wars: The Spoilers Awaken

I’m a Kylo Ren/Rey shipper (I also ship Zutara, so this should not surprise you.)

And not because I ship Finn/Poe, so calm down.

[About that: I’m not won over by the argument that Finn/Poe should be canon because their relationship is “progressive.” Without proper motivation and investment, “progressive” decisions lead to weak characterization. Decisions based solely on self-congratulatory tolerance lead to characters like Captain Phasma, this generation’s Boba Fett, whose actual character is trumped by her potential.]

But back to Kylo Ren/Rey.

I find their relationship more interesting than Rey’s with Finn. Finn is basically Anakin “Are you an angel” Skywalker from Phantom Menace, lying for much of the movie to impress Rey. Though Finn is devoted to her, resulting in some cute moments, their relationship lacks tension and that makes it boring.

[For those who claim Finn’s lies added tension, see Rey’s total nonreaction to Finn’s confession.]

Kylo Ren and Rey have immediate conflict in that they’re enemies. My favorite scene in the movie was Kylo Ren unmasking in Rey’s cell. This angsty, imposing threat went from destroying villages and throwing tantrums to having a civil conversation with his captive. He was very matter-of-fact about what amounts to mind rape (more on that in a second), even making a quick quip while probing her memories. Kylo Ren has different sides, providing a fair amount of tension with his unpredictable behavior.

Finn, on the other hand, likes Rey and doesn’t want to be a stormtrooper. That’s what he’s all about.

Kylo Ren picks up on Rey’s force sensitivity early on and offers to train her at the end of the film (I might have been the only person in the theater chanting, “DO IT!”) Where Finn looks up to Rey, Kylo Ren treats her as an equal. There are interesting parallels with their characters, the two acting as side-by-side examples of what the other might do in different circumstances. I really hope they’re not related, as some fans claim. This series can’t take another relative reveal, and, “Rey, I am your cousin,” just sounds silly.

There was some troubling subtext in the scene I just mentioned. I don’t think a relationship between them would work as the story stands now, with Kylo Ren trying to assert dominance, but that boy has a lot of stuff he needs to work on. We’ll see what happens in the next film.

In real life, boring love stories might be a better foundation for healthy relationships, but they don’t work in fiction. Sorry, Finn. Speaking of…

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