Star Wars: The Spoilers Awaken

Han Solo and Kylo Ren
So Han’s dead, murdered by his own son Ben Solo, AKA Kylo Ren. The fans are not happy, to put it mildly. Base breaker Kylo Ren has received all sorts of flak for this murder. Vengeful fans are now convinced Ren is “firmly on the dark side” and has no room for redemption.

Hold on.

Han Solo is my favorite character from the original series and the one I model myself after (I make bad life choices, okay?)

I’m okay with Han being dead because I think Han is okay with Han being dead.

In the vast subjective realm of character interpretation, I saw Han walk willingly into a dangerous confrontation with a Sith Lord. I doubt he expected to make it out alive, but I doubt that mattered; he took a chance in order to help his son.

And, yes, I do think Kylo Ren’s speech was a ploy–he intended to murder Han Solo all along. However, I also think he was sincere about being conflicted. While Han’s murder will never be okay, I can see how it made sense to Kylo Ren. If you were as tormented as Kylo Ren was about being evil, you might believe that the only way to clear your head was to eliminate the source of your confusion, in this case Han Solo, the symbol of Ren’s family ties.

In the next film, Kylo Ren is sure to find that killing his father didn’t solve any of his problems. I’m ready to see that realization and his ensuing character development. Han’s death will be worthwhile if it helps Kylo Ren’s arc.

I know them’s fightin’ words, but so is the mere mention of Kylo Ren’s name. Just you wait–I’m about to make things so much worse.

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