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National Novel Writing Month


My plan at the beginning of last month was to announce a month-long hiatus so I could work on a novel for the next 30 days.

Now I’m not so sure.

I have an idea for a novel that I’ve worked on before.

I planned to do a grand restart last year. My ideas came in bursts – I didn’t have enough for an extended narrative. I loved the plot, I already knew the characters, but I didn’t want to spend my precious writing time on one idea.

This November, I’m going to devote a month to this idea and see if it goes anywhere.

The focus of the story has changed quite a bit. I’m excited. I think this could be good.

As for consequences for this blog:

  • I might still post occasionally, though I’m not sure.
  • I don’t write at all on Saturdays, so I’ll be writing more words during the week. That might affect my desire to blog; again, I’m not sure.
  • Most likely, I’ll take a hiatus in December to recover.

I’ve decided this is the final month in my “health plan.”

Writing a novel in 30 days feels like a good ending to a project. I feel better than I have in a while.

And I’m writing again. That’s what I always wanted.

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