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Ambivalent Accidental Methodist

I made the jump. After hanging around evangelicals, tolerating Southern Baptists, and trying my hand at Presbyterianism, I now attend a Methodist church. My new church is a good deal more liberal than my past churches. I don't really know how this happened. * After graduating from college, I left the church my parents had… Continue reading Ambivalent Accidental Methodist

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I Hate Romance

I keep by my bookshelf a pile of books I plan to sell at Powell's. This time around, the victims include Lena Dunham's memoir, Tillie Walden's first graphic novel, a poorly-written account of a transgender teenager, and three YA romances I couldn't finish. This shouldn't be a huge deal - I stop reading books all… Continue reading I Hate Romance

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The Truth About Sex After Marriage

The church I grew up in taught a lot about sex. The intent was to help (I think.) Sex is a big deal and the church SHOULD be talking about it. By "talk," though, I mean "dialogue," and no such conversation existed at the time. Adults told teens "DON'T HAVE SEX" without telling them how… Continue reading The Truth About Sex After Marriage